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Safest way to pay Dognzb bitcoins?

I tried to join Dognzb but the bitcoin thing freaks me out-- the sites I visit to buy bitcoins want all my bank information. What is the easiest and safest way to give bitcoins to Dognzb?
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06-11 21:04 - 'DogNZB and NzbPlanet Invites available' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/SpeedWorksRacing removed from /r/Bitcoin within 189-199min

Join this site and PM Razor If you want to get invites of best rare nzb indexers
DogNZB and NzbPlanet Invites available
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Author: SpeedWorksRacing
1: in*itefor*m*com/*e*ist*r 2: *n*itefo***gist*r]*^1
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: DOGnzb vs nzbgeek? /r/usenet

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: DOGnzb vs nzbgeek? /usenet submitted by SimilarAdvantage to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: DOGnzb vs nzbgeek? /r/usenet

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: DOGnzb vs nzbgeek? /usenet submitted by cryptoallbot to cryptoall [link] [comments]

DogNZB ccount still inactive after bitcoin payment

Hi. My account is still blocked 5 hours after my bitcoin payment. I suspect I didnt use the correct promo code when making the payment. How do i resolve it, I have proof of payment
Any help will be appreciate it
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DogNZB - got an invite, still need to pay 10$ via Bitcoin?

I thought when I get an invite I don't have to pay the 10$ via Bitcoin.
Now I got an invite and it says I have to pay 10$ via Bitcoin?! Did I something wrong? Or is that normal?
And is it worth the price? Is the site really that good, compared to other usenet indexer sites?
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How to access dognzb when bitcoin isn't available / i dont understand it

So i recently started using nzb. Its like 2 years ago since i last used it, and the sites i have premium membership in is now closed.
i understand that dognzb is the way to go.
However they only accept bitcoin, bitcoin isn't available here in norway, and i dont understand any of it.
How can i then access the site, i saw a thread saying that they will get alternatives but that was 2 months ago
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: DOGnzb - 365 extra days with any VIP membership for a limited time. /r/usenet

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Bought 12 month subscription for DogNZB but no access? /r/usenet

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Dognzb open for registration /r/usenet

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[Q] DogNzb registration bitcoin obstacle, any ideas?

I went through a fair bit of effort to set-up my first ever Coinbase account so I could purchase bitcoins and consequently sign up to DogNZB
However I was met with this along the way
Can anyone please tell me why I get this message that pretty much stops me in my tracks before I've even begun, please?
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: So my dognzb VIP is up... /r/usenet

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Dognzb open for registration

Just a heads up
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Indexers: omgwtfnzbs vs nzbgeek vs dognzb vs althub vs piratenzb

So as of late, my first love in indexers - oznzb - has fallen on hard times and I've had to augment my indexers list. Those mentioned in the title are some of the ones I've been looking at. What are your experiences with these? Which do you recommend? Do you have any other suggestions?
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Joining dog

Hi all, I have a question regarding signing up for DOGnzb and donating bitcoins. Upon logging in and pressing the Donate Bitcoin button, I get a blank dognzb.ccoinbase page. Am I missing something here? I remember the omgwtfnzb site would provide me a page with a generated address to donate to.
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What is the best indexer, in your opinion, to spend money on?

I have an account with OZnzb but I am wondering if there are indexers that are much better? What paid indexer are you using and why?
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Invite for Alternative API's for Sickbeard?

Hey all --
Trying to setup additional sources for my Sickbeard config. I just read the mod post about invites/splitting subs, so I'm hoping this is allowed here.
-Anybody happen to have a spare invite to
-Does anyone have any references to other NZB sites they've incorporated into Sickbeard via api?
Thanks, all!
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nMatrix vs

Finally got an invite to, and I also picked up a $1 VIP account over at nMatrix. Is it worth it to get a VIP account as well over at What are the benefits? Both have API access, which is an important feature for my HTPC and I.
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Introducing DOGpass

dogzipp, the DOGnzb admin, made this post earlier today on the DOGnzb forums.
Let's be honest. Hosting DOGnzb is not cheap. The costs of multiple servers (five at the moment), maintaining and upgrading them every so often, monthly hosting costs, bandwidth and development of new features, is simply hard.
Subscribing to DOGpass is a way to support our community and give us the resources needed to run our services efficiently.
Here’s a brief rundown of starting features for DOGpass (For the most up-to-date list, check the full summary on the DOGpass tab on the Profile page)
Improved Indexing Results
API+ access
Priority Pushing and Bookmarking
Access to Premium Features
Early Access to new Features
Exclusive DOGpass forum badge
Private DOGpass members discussion forum
No Advertising
Most features are new, but some are already available. So what's changed and why?
Custom Searches. Customs searches are only used by a handfull of users, but still are a CPU/SQL hog. They are very intensive, take a lot of resources, and at some point will require a dedicated server. Standard users can still use Custom Searches, but they will run once per day. For DOGpass members, they will run every 15 minutes.
Push Notifications. This feature is used a lot. So much, that push services are charging us, for going over monthly free quotas. Some other services, just stop sending notifications from us, until the new month rolls by. So we need to make this a premium feature. Want notifications, you'll have to be a DOGpass subscriber. Desktop notifications, will still be available for regular users.
IMDb and Trakt Sync. Another feature used by so many users, we are going to have to dedicate extra resources and probably run it 24/7. Standard users can still sync, but once per day. For DOGpass members, sync will be every 60 minutes.
iCal Feed. This was available for a while (in beta) for any user, and since then moved to DOGpass.
Now, let's talk about new features.
Do you have custom retention limits on your Usenet Provider? No problem. You're having propagation issues and need to delay your Watchlist settings. Go ahead. A TV show or Movie, has missing or bad information? Trigger a metadata refresh see if it fixes automatically. And lots more.
What's coming? We have so many ideas, and you can help us gauge what's important or not.
For example, Secondary Push Servers. You can two servers for pushing files. Choose one for the watchlists, and when you want to manually push a file, you can select to what server to push it to. Or a Quick Status page of your server on any screen (like a summary of the queue page, but in popup mode), where you can see what's being downloaded, pause it, resume it, check what file comes next, what was downloaded previously, etc. There's an exclusive DOGpass forum to discuss new features and ideas.
What does this mean for standard users?
I know a long, long time ago, we used to call you guys VIP (when we had free accounts). Since then, VIP just went away. Basically, your donation gave you lifetime access to DOGnzb, and that's not going to change. While we will do our best, to not take features away also, I think I managed to explain the reasons we had to remove notifications, and limit syncing and customs searches.
Will new features only be developed now for DOGpass subscribers? Obviously no. Lots of fixes and improvements are allways taking place everywhere on our site, and you probably noticed lots of improvements over the last couple of weeks. Fixes, development and new features will still happen often and will be for every user.
But DOGpass subscribers will have access to more complex and premium functionality, like the ones discussed in the examples above.
Is DOGpass for everyone?
Of course not. Most of our users will probably never notice a difference in service, or miss anything. But this is for all those users that want to contribute extra, and help us. As a token of our appreciation, we give you a little more.
So it looks like one of the best is going to get even better. However its going to cost you a little extra over and above your entry donation. 1 year of DOGpass will be $15, 3 years will be $35 and 5 years will be $50. And of course DOGpass subscription fees are payable by Bitcoin only.
edit: correct 2 years to 3 years
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I can not find what i want on or omgwtfnzb. what's your best choose ?

What's your best ? one tor connected nzb site was good but apparently it's down.
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DOGnzb Status Update

Just a status update on what's happening with DOGnzb.
Since losing PayPal payments last month, we looked for alternate solutions, have a plan in place and expect to have something up and running by next month. We expect to resume periodic open registrations again and re-enable invitations for our current users by the end of the year.
If you guys can't wait until then. Just as a reminder, anyone can still register using bitcoins. Just follow this link to register:
You will be given the opportunity to open up an account with coinbase or use your own bitcoin wallet. Information on how to get bitcoins from alternate sources is available here
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Problems with DogNZB, and critique my Usenet setup!

Hello all! So I'm relatively new to Usenet, but did a lot of research (thanks to all the helpful posts on here!). So currently I'm on Mac OS, using SABnzbd in combination with Sickbeard and using Plex as my media service. I've been trying to get whole TV shows (we're getting ready to cut the cord), some still on the air, others long dead. I use Astraweb as my provider. Sickbeard search engines are Usenet Crawler, NzBid, Home of NZB, NZB Zombie (all in that order).
Questions: 1. Anyone else having trouble signing up for DogNZB? I opened a Coinbase account, bought the necessary bitcoin, and every time I try to do the donation, no matter what, it just hangs there. I've contacted Coinbase customer care and they've been of no help. Just curious if anyone else has this problem. 2. Not being interested in subtitles (never use them) and poster art or anything like that (I let Plex get all the metadata), I have the following extensions on my Cleanup List: .nfo, .sfv, .nzb, .srr., .txt., .sub, .srt, .jpeg, .jpg, .rtf. Any I should add? 3. I read somewhere that if you also tell SABnzbd to ignore "sample" videos, you run the risk of not getting your main videos. True, false?
Thanks in advance for all help and guidance!
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DogNZB certainly has a considerable measure letting it all out. The Bitcoin sign up option is an awesome feature for those who want to stay as unknown as could reasonably be expected, obviously. With another main payment provider, the site ought to be opening up for registrations yet again. If you have a companion on the site, they won't have the ability to welcome you at this moment, but ... Beste NZB-Seiten 2020. Hier istunsere Liste der beliebtesten und besten NZB-Seiten von 2020.Hinweis: Sie benötigen einen USENET-Dienstanbieter, um NZB-Dateien von diesen Sites herunterzuladen. Wir empfehlen Ihnen, unsere besten USENET-Anbieter der 2020 Liste zu überprüfen, um die besten Dienstleistungen zu den derzeit verfügbaren Preisen zu finden. DogNZB was added by sdrawkcab in Jan 2016 and the latest update was made in Feb 2020. The list of alternatives was updated May 2019. It's possible to update the information on DogNZB or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. DogNZB has been a top NZB site for several years because of their custom, easy-to-use interface with a lot of good quality content. DogNZB has been online since 2013 and has made a mark as a top online destination for those looking for a lot of NZB files. They have a very good reputation that the site has now become an invite-only website. Once you get an invitation to DogNZB, you would need ... PayPal no longer takes payments for, but that’s no reason to give up on joining the site. The folks at DogNZB have started taking bitcoin payments, which provide not only an alternative but, for many users, likely an improvement in payment options for signing up at the site. The site isn’t currently allowing existing users to send out invites due to the PayPal freeze, but DogNZB ...

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