Got a botnet? Thinking of using it to mine Bitcoin? Don't ...

Don't blindly follow a narrative, its bad for you and its bad for crypto in general

I mostly lurk around here but I see a pattern repeating over and over again here and in multiple communities so I have to post. I'm just posting this here because I appreciate the fact that this sub is a place of free speech and maybe something productive can come out from this post, while bitcoin is just fucking censorship, memes and moon/lambo posts. If you don't agree, write in the comments why, instead of downvoting. You don't have to upvote either, but when you downvote you are killing the opportunity to have discussion. If you downvote or comment that I'm wrong without providing any counterpoints you are no better than the BTC maxis you despise.
In various communities I see a narrative being used to bring people in and making them follow something without thinking for themselves. In crypto I see this mostly in BTC vs BCH tribalistic arguments:
- BTC community: "Everything that is not BTC is shitcoin." or more recently as stated by adam on twitter, "Everything that is not BTC is a ponzi scheme, even ETH.", "what is ETH supply?", and even that they are doing this for "altruistic" reasons, to "protect" the newcomers. Very convenient for them that they are protecting the newcomers by having them buy their bags
- BCH community: "BTC maxis are dumb", "just increase block size and you will have truly p2p electronic cash", "It is just that simple, there are no trade offs", "if you don't agree with me you are a BTC maxi", "BCH is satoshi's vision for p2p electronic cash"
It is not exclusive to crypto but also politics, and you see this over and over again on twitter and on reddit.
My point is, that narratives are created so people don't have to think, they just choose a narrative that is easy to follow and makes sense for them, and stick with it. And people keep repeating these narratives to bring other people in, maybe by ignorance, because they truly believe it without questioning, or maybe by self interest, because they want to shill you their bags.
Because this is BCH community, and because bitcoin is censored, so I can't post there about the problems in the BTC narrative (some of which are IMO correctly identified by BCH community), I will stick with the narrative I see in the BCH community.
The culprit of this post was firstly this post by user u/scotty321 "The BTC Paradox: “A 1 MB blocksize enables poor people to run their own node!” “Okay, then what?” “Poor people won’t be able to use the network!”". You will see many posts of this kind being made by u/Egon_1 also. Then you have also this comment in that thread by u/fuck_____________1 saying that people that want to run their own nodes are retarded and that there is no reason to want to do that. "Just trust block explorer websites". And the post and comment were highly upvoted. Really? You really think that there is no problem in having just a few nodes on the network? And that the only thing that secures the network are miners?
As stated by user u/co1nsurf3r in that thread:
While I don't think that everybody needs to run a node, a full node does publish blocks it considers valid to other nodes. This does not amount to much if you only consider a single node in the network, but many "honest" full nodes in the network will reduce the probability of a valid block being withheld from the network by a collusion of "hostile" node operators.
But surely this will not get attention here, and will be downvoted by those people that promote the narrative that there is no trade off in increasing the blocksize and the people that don't see it are retarded or are btc maxis.
The only narrative I stick to and have been for many years now is that cryptocurrency takes power from the government and gives power to the individual, so you are not restricted to your economy as you can participate in the global economy. There is also the narrative of banking the bankless, which I hope will come true, but it is not a use case we are seeing right now.
Some people would argue that removing power from gov's is a bad thing, but you can't deny the fact that gov's can't control crypto (at least we would want them not to).
But, if you really want the individuals to remain in control of their money and transact with anyone in the world, the network needs to be very resistant to any kind of attacks. How can you have p2p electronic cash if your network just has a handful couple of nodes and the chinese gov can locate them and just block communication to them? I'm not saying that this is BCH case, I'm just refuting the fact that there is no value in running your own node. If you are relying on block explorers, the gov can just block the communication to the block explorer websites. Then what? Who will you trust to get chain information? The nodes needs to be decentralized so if you take one node down, many more can appear so it is hard to censor and you don't have few points of failure.
Right now BTC is focusing on that use case of being difficult to censor. But with that comes the problem that is very expensive to transact on the network, which breaks the purpose of anyone being able to participate. Obviously I do think that is also a major problem, and lightning network is awful right now and probably still years away of being usable, if it ever will. The best solution is up for debate, but thinking that you just have to increase the blocksize and there is no trade off is just naive or misleading. BCH is doing a good thing in trying to come with a solution that is inclusive and promotes cheap and fast transactions, but also don't forget centralization is a major concern and nothing to just shrug off.
Saying that "a 1 MB blocksize enables poor people to run their own" and that because of that "Poor people won’t be able to use the network" is a misrepresentation designed to promote a narrative. Because 1MB is not to allow "poor" people to run their node, it is to facilitate as many people to run a node to promote decentralization and avoid censorship.
Also an elephant in the room that you will not see being discussed in either BTC or BCH communities is that mining pools are heavily centralized. And I'm not talking about miners being mostly in china, but also that big pools control a lot of hashing power both in BTC and BCH, and that is terrible for the purpose of crypto.
Other projects are trying to solve that. Will they be successful? I don't know, I hope so, because I don't buy into any narrative. There are many challenges and I want to see crypto succeed as a whole. As always guys, DYOR and always question if you are not blindly following a narrative. I'm sure I will be called BTC maxi but maybe some people will find value in this. Don't trust guys that are always posting silly "gocha's" against the other "tribe".
EDIT: User u/ShadowOfHarbringer has pointed me to some threads that this has been discussed in the past and I will just put my take on them here for visibility, as I will be using this thread as a reference in future discussions I engage:
When there was only 2 nodes in the network, adding a third node increased redundancy and resiliency of the network as a whole in a significant way. When there is thousands of nodes in the network, adding yet another node only marginally increase the redundancy and resiliency of the network. So the question then becomes a matter of personal judgement of how much that added redundancy and resiliency is worth. For the absolutist, it is absolutely worth it and everyone on this planet should do their part.
What is the magical number of nodes that makes it counterproductive to add new nodes? Did he do any math? Does BCH achieve this holy grail safe number of nodes? Guess what, nobody knows at what number of nodes is starts to be marginally irrelevant to add new nodes. Even BTC today could still not have enough nodes to be safe. If you can't know for sure that you are safe, it is better to try to be safer than sorry. Thousands of nodes is still not enough, as I said, it is much cheaper to run a full node as it is to mine. If it costs millions in hash power to do a 51% attack on the block generation it means nothing if it costs less than $10k to run more nodes than there are in total in the network and cause havoc and slowing people from using the network. Or using bot farms to DDoS the 1000s of nodes in the network. Not all attacks are monetarily motivated. When you have governments with billions of dollars at their disposal and something that could threat their power they could do anything they could to stop people from using it, and the cheapest it is to do so the better
You should run a full node if you're a big business with e.g. >$100k/month in volume, or if you run a service that requires high fraud resistance and validation certainty for payments sent your way (e.g. an exchange). For most other users of Bitcoin, there's no good reason to run a full node unless you reel like it.
Shouldn't individuals benefit from fraud resistance too? Why just businesses?
Personally, I think it's a good idea to make sure that people can easily run a full node because they feel like it, and that it's desirable to keep full node resource requirements reasonable for an enthusiast/hobbyist whenever possible. This might seem to be at odds with the concept of making a worldwide digital cash system in which all transactions are validated by everybody, but after having done the math and some of the code myself, I believe that we should be able to have our cake and eat it too.
This is recurrent argument, but also no math provided, "just trust me I did the math"
The biggest reason individuals may want to run their own node is to increase their privacy. SPV wallets rely on others (nodes or ElectronX servers) who may learn their addresses.
It is a reason and valid one but not the biggest reason
If you do it for fun and experimental it good. If you do it for extra privacy it's ok. If you do it to help the network don't. You are just slowing down miners and exchanges.
Yes it will slow down the network, but that shows how people just don't get the the trade off they are doing
I will just copy/paste what Satoshi Nakamoto said in his own words. "The current system where every user is a network node is not the intended configuration for large scale. That would be like every Usenet user runs their own NNTP server."
Another "it is all or nothing argument" and quoting satoshi to try and prove their point. Just because every user doesn't need to be also a full node doesn't mean that there aren't serious risks for having few nodes
For this to have any importance in practice, all of the miners, all of the exchanges, all of the explorers and all of the economic nodes should go rogue all at once. Collude to change consensus. If you have a node you can detect this. It doesn't do much, because such a scenario is impossible in practice.
Not true because as I said, you can DDoS the current nodes or run more malicious nodes than that there currently are, because is cheap to do so
Non-mining nodes don't contribute to adding data to the blockchain ledger, but they do play a part in propagating transactions that aren't yet in blocks (the mempool). Bitcoin client implementations can have different validations for transactions they see outside of blocks and transactions they see inside of blocks; this allows for "soft forks" to add new types of transactions without completely breaking older clients (while a transaction is in the mempool, a node receiving a transaction that's a new/unknown type could drop it as not a valid transaction (not propagate it to its peers), but if that same transaction ends up in a block and that node receives the block, they accept the block (and the transaction in it) as valid (and therefore don't get left behind on the blockchain and become a fork). The participation in the mempool is a sort of "herd immunity" protection for the network, and it was a key talking point for the "User Activated Soft Fork" (UASF) around the time the Segregated Witness feature was trying to be added in. If a certain percentage of nodes updated their software to not propagate certain types of transactions (or not communicate with certain types of nodes), then they can control what gets into a block (someone wanting to get that sort of transaction into a block would need to communicate directly to a mining node, or communicate only through nodes that weren't blocking that sort of transaction) if a certain threshold of nodes adheres to those same validation rules. It's less specific than the influence on the blockchain data that mining nodes have, but it's definitely not nothing.
The first reasonable comment in that thread but is deep down there with only 1 upvote
The addition of non-mining nodes does not add to the efficiency of the network, but actually takes away from it because of the latency issue.
That is true and is actually a trade off you are making, sacrificing security to have scalability
The addition of non-mining nodes has little to no effect on security, since you only need to destroy mining ones to take down the network
It is true that if you destroy mining nodes you take down the network from producing new blocks (temporarily), even if you have a lot of non mining nodes. But, it still better than if you take down the mining nodes who are also the only full nodes. If the miners are not the only full nodes, at least you still have full nodes with the blockchain data so new miners can download it and join. If all the miners are also the full nodes and you take them down, where will you get all the past blockchain data to start mining again? Just pray that the miners that were taken down come back online at some point in the future?
The real limiting factor is ISP's: Imagine a situation where one service provider defrauds 4000 different nodes. Did the excessive amount of nodes help at all, when they have all been defrauded by the same service provider? If there are only 30 ISP's in the world, how many nodes do we REALLY need?
You cant defraud if the connection is encrypted. Use TOR for example, it is hard for ISP's to know what you are doing.
Satoshi specifically said in the white paper that after a certain point, number of nodes needed plateaus, meaning after a certain point, adding more nodes is actually counterintuitive, which we also demonstrated. (the latency issue). So, we have adequately demonstrated why running non-mining nodes does not add additional value or security to the network.
Again, what is the number of nodes that makes it counterproductive? Did he do any math?
There's also the matter of economically significant nodes and the role they play in consensus. Sure, nobody cares about your average joe's "full node" where he is "keeping his own ledger to keep the miners honest", as it has no significance to the economy and the miners couldn't give a damn about it. However, if say some major exchanges got together to protest a miner activated fork, they would have some protest power against that fork because many people use their service. Of course, there still needs to be miners running on said "protest fork" to keep the chain running, but miners do follow the money and if they got caught mining a fork that none of the major exchanges were trading, they could be coaxed over to said "protest fork".
In consensus, what matters about nodes is only the number, economical power of the node doesn't mean nothing, the protocol doesn't see the net worth of the individual or organization running that node.
Running a full node that is not mining and not involved is spending or receiving payments is of very little use. It helps to make sure network traffic is broadcast, and is another copy of the blockchain, but that is all (and is probably not needed in a healthy coin with many other nodes)
He gets it right (broadcasting transaction and keeping a copy of the blockchain) but he dismisses the importance of it
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Captcha’nın ne olduğunu sanırım herkes biliyordur. Ben yine de kısaca açıklayayım. Captcha herhangi bir online platforma giriş yaparken sürekli olarak karşımıza çıkan ve istenilen resim veya rakamları, insan olduğumuzu kanıtlamak için, seçmemizi isteyen bir sistemdir.
Captcha’nın temel amacı, bir platformu ziyaret eden kişinin bir bot mu yoksa insan mı olduğunu anlayarak, muhtemel bir Ddos ya da siber saldırıya karşı korumaktır.
Bazı web siteleri ise özellikle çalışanları sisteme girerken Captcha ile uğraşmamaları için, Captcha sistemini tamamen kaldırmak yerine, dışarıdan üçüncü taraf sitelerle anlaşarak bu kodları inşalara çözdürürler.
Bir diğer nedeni de Captcha sitelerinin satacakları Captcha kodların doğruluğunu ancak belirli bir doğruluk yüzdesinin üzerinde olduğundan emin olduklarında kendi müşterilerine satabilmesidir.
İşte bu siteler sayesinde internetten Captcha çözerek para kazanma diye bir uğraşı ortaya çıkmıştır. İnternet ortamında Captcha çözdüren birçok site olsa da her site maalesef ödeme alabilmek için o kadar güvenli değildir. Ben de bildiğim bir Captcha platformunu sizlerle paylaşmak istiyorum. sitesinden para kazanma sitesinden para kazanma
Bu siteye öncelikle bir mail adresi ile kayıt olun. Siteye girdikten sonra worker seçeneğini seçmeniz gerekiyor ki para kazanabilin.
2Captcha 2Captcha
Start butonuna bastığınızda karşınıza 42 soruluk bir eğitim çıkacak. Bu eğitimde size küçük detaylardan söz ediyor. Bu yüzden dikkatlice yapın. Eğitim bittiğinde yeniden start butonuna basarak Captcha çözmeye başlayabilirsiniz.
Bu sitenin en güzel yanı 0,5 dolara ulaştığınızda (2-3 bin Captcha çözmeniz gerekir) ödemenizi aşağıdaki ödeme yöntemlerinden herhangi birine yapmasıdır.
2Captcha ödeme kanıtı 2Captcha ödeme kanıtı
Eğer aşağıdaki ödeme yöntemlerinden birine sahip değilseniz, birine üye olmanızı tavsiye ederim.
Captcha Çözerek Para Kazanma ödeme yöntemleri
Captcha çözerken dikkat etmeniz gereken son nokta ise fazla hata yapmamaktır. Eğer çok fazla hatalı giriş yaparsanız site hesabınızı şüpheli hesap kategorisine alabilir.
Şimdi bir diğer evden para kazanma yoluna geçelim…
Online Ürün Satışı ile Para Kazanma
Günümüzde alış-veriş anlayışı geçmişe göre oldukça değişti. Artık milyonlarca insan hem fiyatların daha ucuz olması hem de daha rahat olduğu için internet üzerinden birçok ürünü satın almakta. Durum böyle olunca internetten ürün almak kadar ürün satmakta oldukça revaçta bir gelir yöntemi haline geldi.
Ortada devasa bir pasta var. Bu pastadan aslan payını büyük e-ticaret platformları alsa da bizim gibi ufak satıcılara da bu alanda ekmek var.
Örnek vermek gerekirse, Dropshipping yöntemi bunları şu an en popüleri. Amazon, eBay ve gittigidiyor benzeri büyük pazar yerlerinde bireysel olarak dahi satış yapmak mümkün. Dropshipping bu noktada stoksuz satış olanağı verdiği için satıcıların işini çok daha kolay hâle getiren bir sistem. Ancak benim size önerim bu satış yöntemiyle ilgili olarak Udemy gibi eğitim platformlarında ucuz bir eğitim bulun ve satın alın. Daha sonra konuya iyice hâkim olun ve online ürün satışına başlayın.
Buraya kadar anlattığım konu sadece Dropshipping ile ilgiliydi. Eğer “Ben Dropshipping falan anlamam. Daha kolay bir yolu yok mu?” derseniz de yazımı okumaya devam edin.
Online satışın bir başka boyutu da sadece emeğinizi koyarak para kazanmaktır. Nasıl mı olacak o? Yine bir örnek üzerinden gitmek istiyorum. Diyelim ki çiçeklere karşı ilginiz var ve az çok bir şeyler biliyorsunuz. O zaman balkonunuzda veya alanınız varsa evinizin bir odasında sukulent veya kaktüs üreterek bunları fiziken ya da instagram gibi sosyal medya alanlarından satabilirsiniz.
Bunun dışında eğer bir el işi sanatıyla uğraşıyorsanız, ahşap üzerine isim yazma veya maket ev yapımı gibi, bunları da sosyal medya üzerinden ya da ETSY gibi platformlardan satarak kazanç elde etmeniz mümkün. Yalnız şunu unutmayın ETSY, online mağaza için aylık bir ücret istemektedir.
Eğer bu bölümde anlattıklarım sizin için uygun değilse, aşağıdaki bölümlerde anlattıklarıma da bir bakın derim…
Makale Yazarak Evden Para Kazanmak
Son yıllarda giderek yaygınlaşan bir diğer online kazanç yöntemi de makale siteleri için evden makale yazarak para kazanmaktır. Eğer bu konuyla ilgili olarak daha önce herhangi bir şey duymadıysanız, daha detaylı bilgi almak için şu yazımı okuyabilirsiniz.
iyimakale ile para kazanma iyimakale ile para kazanma
Ben yine de kısaca sizlere işin mantığını anlatayım. Öncelikle bir makale alım-satım sitesine girerek üyelik oluşturmanız gerekiyor. Yazımda da belirttiğim gibi bu alanda en güvenilir sitelerden iki tanesi aşağıdadır:
➤ ➤
makale yazarı olmak ile para kazanma
Bu sitelerde üyelik oluşturduktan sonra yapmanız gereken ilk şey “SEO uyumlu makale nasıl yazılır?” şeklinde Google’da aratarak internetten bilgi edinmenizdir. Bunu öğrendikten sonra, istediğiniz bir konuda SEO uyumlu bir makale yazın ve bu iki siteye de yazarlık başvurusunda bulunun. Sonucu 1-2 gün içerisinde size e-mail yoluyla bildireceklerdir. Ancak bu ilk makalenizi yazarken dikkat etmeniz gereken bazı önemli noktalar var.
Bunları şöyle sıralamak mümkün:
➤Öncelikle söylemeliyim ki bu iki web sitesine makale göndermeden önce en azından SEO uyumlu 3-4 makale yazarak alıştırma yapın.
➤Başvuru için göndereceğiniz makale 300-600 kelime uzunluğunda olsun.
➤Anahtar kelimelerinizi mutlaka bold yapın.
➤Makalenizde mutlaka, SEO açısından, uzun kuyruklu anahtar kelimeleri kullanın ve bold yapın.
➤Makalenizi yazdıktan sonra mutlaka 1-2 kez okuyun ve yazım-imlâ hatalarını düzeltin.
➤Makalenizde aşırı uzun cümleler kurmayın.
➤Mümkünse akıcı ve okuyucuyu yormayan bir dil ile makalenizi yazmaya çalışın.
Bu önerilerin size yardımcı olacağını düşünüyorum. Eğer aklınıza takılan bir soru olursa yorumlar veya iletişim bölümünden bana ulaşabilirsiniz.
Yazarlık başvurunuz kabul edildikten sonra hemen siparişlere başvurmayın. Çünkü ilk zamanlar usta olmadığınız için olumsuz yorumlar alabilirsiniz. Bu da hem makalelerinizin satılmamasına hem de moralinizin bozulmasına neden olabilir. Bu yüzden ilk 1 ay sadece sisteme konusunu kendinizin belirlediği hazır makaleler yüklemenizi tavsiye ederim. Bundan sonrası zaten kendiliğinden gelecektir. Bol kazançlar…
YouTube Kanalı Açarak Para Kazanma
YouTube ile para kazanmak birkaç yıl öncesine göre bir hayli zorlaşsa da hâlâ iyi paralar kazanmanın mümkün olduğu bir sistem.
Yapılan son güncellemelerle birlikte YouTube’dan para kazanma 1000 abone ve 4000 saatlik izlenme koşullarına bağlandı. Bu nedenle YouTube kanalı açarak gelir elde etmeyi daha uzun soluklu bir iş olarak düşünmek artık daha doğru.
Benim siz okurlara tavsiyem, mutlaka bir YouTube kanalı açmanız olacaktır. Bu kanala ilgi alanınıza göre video içerikler yüklemeye başlayın. Tabi bu konu söylendiği kadar basit değil maalesef. Bir video içeriğin üretim aşaması, konuya göre, oldukça zorlu olabilir. Fakat koşulları sağladığınız takdirde gerçekten güzel bir pasif gelir kapısı oluşturmuş olacaksınız.
Eğer YouTube kanalı açmak ile ilgili olarak hiç bilginiz yoksa, YouTube üzerinde bununla ilgili kanallar mevcut. Hatta öneri olarak YouTube Hocam kanalının içerikleri oldukça başarılı. Buradan faydalanabilirsiniz. Yok ben daha detaylı öğrenerek iyi bir YouTuber olmak istiyorum derseniz de yine Udemy üzerinden uygun fiyatlı bir eğitim alarak başlayabilirsiniz.
Benim bu konudaki tavsiyelerim ise şöyle olacaktır:
➤Eğer eğlence kategorisinde videolar üretmiyorsanız videolarınızın süresi çok uzun olmasın
➤Videolarınızı mutlaka YouTube için SEO kurallarına uygun şekilde yapın
➤Videolarınızda video yaptığınız yazılımın filigranı asla olmasın. Bu nedenle Shotcut gibi kaliteli ve açık kaynak yazılımları tercih edin.
➤Video thumbnaillerinize büyük önem verin. İlgi çekici, kaliteli ve renkli olması video tıklamalarınızı arttıracaktır. Bunun için ücretsiz bir site olan Snappa’yı kullanabilirsiniz.
➤Sadece PC veya mobil ekran görüntüsü kaydı alarak video üretecekseniz, yine yukarıda dediğim gibi filigransız bir yazılım kullanın.
➤Videolarınızda ses kaliteniz iyi olsun. Bunun için Google Play Store’dan Easy Voice Record uygulamasını kullanmanızı öneririm. Bir telefon kulaklığı işinizi görecektir…
➤Son olarak eğer mümkünse videolarınızı 2K ve 4K olarak yükleyin. Eğer olmuyorsa da 720p veya 1080p kalitede olmasına özen gösterin.
➤Ve tabi özgün olun!
Udemy ile Para Kazanma
Udemy, şu an için birçok kişiye göre dünyanın en büyük online eğitim platformu. Özellikle yazılım, web, kod bilgisi, yabancı dil gibi alanlarda eşi bulunmaz bir hazine. Çünkü alınan eğitim saati ve elde edilen verim, verilen eğitimin ücretiyle kıyaslanamayacak kadar fazla.
Hâl böyle olunca Udemy’nin Türkiye’de faaliyette olması, belli alanlarda yetkin olan insanlar için bir gelir kapısı oluşturdu. Birçok kişi eğitimi ve tecrübesiyle ilgili alanlarda Türkçe eğitim setleri oluşturarak platforma yükleyerek kazanç elde ettiler. Tabi, ben de Blogger alanındaki tecrübelerimi bu platforma aktararak, şu an için toplam 7,5 saatlik bir eğitim olan “A’dan Z’ye Blogger Eğitimi” adlı eğitim setimi hazırladım. Dileyenler göz atabilirler…
Gelelim sizlerin Udemy üzerinden nasıl para kazanabileceğine? Öncelikle spesifik bir iş üzerinde bir tecrübenizin olması şart. Örnek vermek gerekirse, ben 2011 yılından beri Google’a ait olan Blogger platformu üzerinde pek çok blog oluşturdum, tema düzenledim, yeni kodlar ekledim ve ciddi bir birikime ulaştım. Sizlerin de herhangi bir alanda eğitimi veya tecrübesi varsa, siz de kendi eğitimi videolarınızı kişisel bilgisayarınızda çekebilir ve Udemy’e yükleyerek bir eğitim seti oluşturabilirsiniz.
Son olarak şunu ifade etmek isterim: Udemy eğitmeni olmanız için illa üniversite mezunu veya yazılımcı olmanıza gerek yok. Sadece kendinizi gerçekten yeterli ve birikimli gördüğünüz bir alan olması yeterli. Ancak eğer herhangi bir alanda yetkin değilseniz, sadece para için eğitim oluşturmanızı önermem. Çünkü siz eğitiminizi Udemy’e yükledikten ve insanlar eğitiminizi satın alıp başladıktan sonra size bol miktarda soru soracaklardır. Eğer bu sorulara yeterince doyurucu ve çözüme ulaştırıcı yanıtlar verememeniz durumunda, öğrencileriniz size düşük puan verebilir veya 30 günlük iade haklarını kullanabilirler. Bu da eğitiminizin para kazanmasına ve Udemy tarafından yeterince ön plana çıkarılmasına engel olur. Bu nedenle, bir eğitim seti oluşturmadan önce üzerinde iyi düşünmenizi tavsiye ederim.
Blog Açarak Para Kazanma Blog açarak para kazanma, YouTube sonrasında, eski kadar olmasa da hâlâ para kazandıran bir online iş. Tabi eskiden daha az tıklanmayla daha fazla kazanmak mümkünken, şu an bu giderek daha da azaldı. Peki, blog yazarak nasıl para kazanabiliriz? Şimdi buna değinmek istiyorum.
Eğer daha önce bu konu üzerine bir şeyler yapmadıysanız, konuya yabancısınız demektir. Ben de öyle varsayıp konuyu en temelden anlatacağım.
Öncelikle blog açabileceğim hazır platformların neler olduğuna bakalım.
En çok bilinen blog ve web site servisleri bunlar. Ben bunlar arasından Blogger, Wordpress ve Tumblr’ı kullandım. Ancak diğerleri hakkında da az çok bilgim var.
Blogger ile başlamamız gerekirse, kimilerine göre lider Wordpress olsada, ben Blogger platformunun bazı özellikleriyle Wordpress’e göre daha önde olduğunu düşünüyorum. Bu özelliklerin başında ise, güvenlik ve platformu tam özellikleriyle kullanabilmek gelmekte.
Blogger’da ücretsiz bir blogspot alt alan adı olan bir blog açsanız bile, sistemin tüm özelliklerini kullanabilir ve ücretli bir tema satın alarak tema görünümü değiştirebilirsiniz. Bunun yanı sıra web trafiği ve server yükleme sınırı da yoktur. Ayrıca Google’a ait bir platform olduğu için onun güvenlik şemsiyesine altındadır. Yani ekstra bir güvenlik önlemi almamıza gerek kalmaz.
Wordpress ise bazı açılardan, doğal olarak, üstündür. Bunlara hız, eklenti desteği, SEO avantajı gibi özellikleri sıralamak mümkündür. Ancak eğer yeterli bütçeniz yoksa, Wordpress sistemi biraz külfetli olabilir. Çünkü SEO, güvenlik, server kurulumu, SSL sertifikası ve temalar için ücret ödemek gerekir. Tabii Wordpress’in de ücretsiz versiyonu olan’da var. Ancak bu platformda Wordpress server depolaması sınırlıdır. Dolayısıyla ek ödeme yapmak gerekebilir.
Gördüğünüz gibi her iki platformunda kendine göre eksi ve artıları vardır. Eğer ilk kez blog açacaksanız ve bütçeniz kısıtlıysa ben Blogger ile başlamanızı tavsiye ederim.
Tumblr platformuna baktığımızda ise, blog ve sosyal medya karışımı bir yapı karşımıza çıkar. Bloğunu sosyal medya gibi kullanmak isteyenler için oldukça uygun olsa da benim için çok uygun bir yapıda olmadığı için çok tercih ettim bir mecra değil açıkçası. Ama yine de tercih sizin…
Gelelim Wix ve Weebly platformlarına. Açıkçası bu sistemlerin ikisini de kullanmadım. Ancak birçok blogger’dan okuduğum kadarıyla, bu platformların bazı eksilerinin çok baskın olduğunu biliyorum. Bu sistemlerin güzel tarafı, sürükle bırak yapıları sayesinde istenilen şekilde özelleştirilebilmeleri. Ancak bu sistemlerin büyük oranda ücretli olması ve üstüne yavaş olmaları, artılarını götürmektedir. Diyebileceklerim şimdilik bunlar.
Medium platformuna baktığımızda ise oldukça hoş bir görünüm ve hızlı bir sistem karşımıza çıkmakta. Ancak standart bir blogtan biraz farklı bir sistem Medium. Nasıl farklı? Derseniz şöyle söyleyeyim: Medium size standart bir alan adı sunmuyor. Bunun yerineınız gibi bir sistem bulunmakta. Bu da açıkçası ben kullanırken bana çok uymadığı için bir süre sonra Medium kullanmayı bıraktım açıkçası. Ayrıca Medium bloğuna reklam yerleştirmemiz de mümkün olmuyor. Bunlar da Medium’un artı ve eksileri. Tercihi yine size bırakıyorum.
Eğer bu bölüm sizler için yeterli olmadıysa “Blog Nasıl Açılır?” yazıma bakmanızı öneririm. Bu yazımda ve ikincisinde birçok teknik ayrıntıdan söz ettim.
Stok Fotoğraf Satarak Para Kazanma
Stok foto satarak para kazanmak için de son yıllarda giderek ilginin arttığı bir online kazanç şekli olduğunu söylemem mümkün.
Bu kazanç şeklinde yapılması gereken aslında oldukça basit. Fotoğraf makinesi veya kaliteli çekim yapabilen bir telefon ile çektiğimiz fotoğrafları Dreamstime, istockphoto ve Shutterstock gibi büyük stok foto sitelerinin mobil uygulamalarına yüklemek.
Tabi çektiğimiz fotoğrafların görüntü kalitesi her platform için farklı da olabilir. Genellikle bu sitelerin sıkça sorulan sorular bölümünde bu koşulun ne olduğu belirtilir.
Peki istenilen kalitede fotoğraflar çekeceğiz ama neyle ilgili? Her kategoride fotoğraf kabul eder bu siteler ancak en çok satılanlar özel durumlara ait fotoğraflardır. Örneğin ameliyat eldiveni giymiş bir el ya da dekupe edilmiş nesne fotoğrafları gibi fotoğraflar en çok satılan türlerdir.
Bu sitelerin her birinin GooglePlay Store’da katılımcı (contributor) uygulamaları vardır. Çektiğimiz fotoğrafları yükleyebilmek için bu uygulamaları indirmemiz gerekir. Eğer fotoğraflarımızdan satılan olursa zaten uygulama bize bildirim gönderecektir.
Bu sitelerin bazılarında çekim sınırı 50 dolar bazılarında ise 100 dolardır. Yani bu sınıra ulaşmadan siteler ödeme yapmazlar.
Kazandığımız parayı çekmek için ise Payoneer gibi ödeme platformlarını kullanmamız gerekir. Bilginize…
Affiliate Marketing ile Para Kazanma
Affiliate marketing en kısa tanımıyla satış ortaklığı ile gelir elde etmeye verilen isimdir. Biraz daha açmamız gerekirse, affiliate marketing internet üzerinden başkasının ürününü satarak para kazanabildiğimiz bir sistemdir. Kazancımız ise bize ait olan komisyon tutarıdır.
Örnek vermek gerekirse, diyelim ki ben bir e-kitap yazdım ve bu kitabın başkaları tarafından da pazarlanmasını istiyorum. Böylece daha fazla gelir elde edebilirim. Bunun için web sitem üzerinden ya da Clickbank gibi bir platform üzerinden satış ortaklığı açıyorum. %3-5 gibi bir rakamla satıcılar için komisyon oranı belirledikten sonra tek yapmam gereken satışların gerçekleşmesini beklemek.
Birçok affiliate marketing olarak çalışan blogger ve online yazarların benim adıma bu ürünü pazarlaması sayesinde, hem ürünü satan ürün başına komisyonunu alacak hem de ben e-kitabımdan kazanç elde etmiş olacağım. Kısaca affiliate marketing sistemi bu şekilde çalışmakta…
affiliate marketing Clickbank ile affiliate marketing yapmak
Affiliate marketing için dünyada en çok tercih edilen web platformu Clickbank’tır. Bunun dışında Admitad gibi oldukça sağlam satış ortaklığı platformları da vardır.
Bu bölümü bitirirken, şunu da ekleme istiyorum: Affiliate marketing sistemi kolaymış gibi görünse de aslında ustalık isteyen online bir meslektir. Bu nedenle eğer bu işle uğraşacaksanız kendinize zaman tanımalı ve online eğitimlerle kendinizi geliştirmelisiniz. Ancak bu şekilde iyi miktarlarda paralar kazanabilirsiniz.
Yorum Satışı ile Para Kazanma
Yorum satarak para kazanma son birkaç yıldır gittikçe popüler hale gelen bir online kazanç yöntemi. Özellikle yeni YouTube kanalları, web siteleri, Apple Store ve Google Play Store gibi online uygulama indirilebilen platformlarda tercih edilebilmektedir.
Yorum satışını her uygulama, web sitesi ve YouTube kanalı yaptırmasa da yapıldığı da bir gerçek. Yani birileri bu işi yaparak para kazanabiliyor. Dolayısıyla biz neden bu pastadan ufakta olsa bir pay almayalım.
Yorum satabilmek için Bionluk ve SadeceOn gibi çevrimiçi pazar yerlerini kullanabilirsiniz.
Bu arada tabi yorum satışının ne kadar etik olduğu da ayrı bir tartışma konusu. Bu yüzden tercihi size bırakıyorum.
Yorum satışı yaparak para kazanmayla ilgili şu yazımda daha ayrıntılı bilgiye ulaşabilirsiniz.
Backlink Satarak Para Kazanma Backlink Nedir?
Backlink Satarak Para Kazanma
Backlink satışından önce sizlere backlink’in ne olduğunu kısaca anlatmam gerekiyor. Backlink kavramı web siteleri için yapılan SEO çalışmalarına ait terimdir. Buna göre backlink’in en net tanımı, başka bir web sitesi ya da platformun, kendi sitesinde sizin web siteniz veya bloğunuza ait bir link vermesidir.
Backlink, esas itibarıyla arama motorlarının botları için yapılandırılmış bir referans sistemidir. Arama motoru botları bu linkleri referans olma olarak algılar ve pagerank’i yüksek olan sitenin düşük olan siteyi verdiği linki backlink olarak tanımlarlar. Bu sayede Google gibi arama motorlarının gözünde değerli backlink alabilen blog ve web siteleri değerlenirler. Tabi bu da SERP sonucunda yükseliş olarak backlink alan siteye yansır.
Her ne kadar çok kısa bir açıklama olmasa da uygun şekilde açıkladığımı düşünüyorum.
Peki, biz backlink satarak nasıl para kazanabiliriz?
Öncelikle en baştan şunu söyleyeyim: Backlink satışı, özellikle kaliteli backlink satışı, birkaç günde öğrenebileceğiniz bir şey değil maalesef. Bu konu SEO alanı içinde değerlendirildiğinden, SEO hakkında derinlemesine bilgiye sahip olmak gerekir.
Tabi, internette 20 TL gibi rakamlara backlink sağlayan freelancerlar da var. Ancak bu backlinklerin kalıcılıkları ve etkilerinin ne yönde olduğu tartışmaya açık bir mevzudur.
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Ardından online pazar yerlerinde değerli backlink hizmeti vererek iyi miktarda gelir elde edebilirsiniz.
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⚡ Lightning Network Megathread ⚡

Last updated 2018-01-29
This post is a collaboration with the Bitcoin community to create a one-stop source for Lightning Network information.
There are still questions in the FAQ that are unanswered, if you know the answer and can provide a source please do so!

⚡What is the Lightning Network? ⚡


Image Explanations:

Specifications / White Papers


Lightning Network Experts on Reddit

  • starkbot - (Elizabeth Stark - Lightning Labs)
  • roasbeef - (Olaoluwa Osuntokun - Lightning Labs)
  • stile65 - (Alex Akselrod - Lightning Labs)
  • cfromknecht - (Conner Fromknecht - Lightning Labs)
  • RustyReddit - (Rusty Russell - Blockstream)
  • cdecker - (Christian Decker - Blockstream)
  • Dryja - (Tadge Dryja - Digital Currency Initiative)
  • josephpoon - (Joseph Poon)
  • fdrn - (Fabrice Drouin - ACINQ )
  • pmpadiou - (Pierre-Marie Padiou - ACINQ)

Lightning Network Experts on Twitter

  • @starkness - (Elizabeth Stark - Lightning Labs)
  • @roasbeef - (Olaoluwa Osuntokun - Lightning Labs)
  • @stile65 - (Alex Akselrod - Lightning Labs)
  • @bitconner - (Conner Fromknecht - Lightning Labs)
  • @johanth - (Johan Halseth - Lightning Labs)
  • @bvu - (Bryan Vu - Lightning Labs)
  • @rusty_twit - (Rusty Russell - Blockstream)
  • @snyke - (Christian Decker - Blockstream)
  • @JackMallers - (Jack Mallers - Zap)
  • @tdryja - (Tadge Dryja - Digital Currency Initiative)
  • @jcp - (Joseph Poon)
  • @alexbosworth - (Alex Bosworth -

Medium Posts

Learning Resources


Desktop Interfaces

Web Interfaces

Tutorials and resources

Lightning on Testnet

Lightning Wallets

Place a testnet transaction

Altcoin Trading using Lightning

  • ZigZag - Disclaimer You must trust ZigZag to send to Target Address

Lightning on Mainnet

Warning - Testing should be done on Testnet

Atomic Swaps

Developer Documentation and Resources

Lightning implementations

  • LND - Lightning Network Daemon (Golang)
  • eclair - A Scala implementation of the Lightning Network (Scala)
  • c-lightning - A Lightning Network implementation in C
  • lit - Lightning Network node software (Golang)
  • lightning-onion - Onion Routed Micropayments for the Lightning Network (Golang)
  • lightning-integration - Lightning Integration Testing Framework
  • ptarmigan - C++ BOLT-Compliant Lightning Network Implementation [Incomplete]


Lightning Network Visualizers/Explorers



Payment Processors

  • BTCPay - Next stable version will include Lightning Network




Slack Channel

Discord Channel


⚡ Lightning FAQs ⚡

If you can answer please PM me and include source if possible. Feel free to help keep these answers up to date and as brief but correct as possible
Is Lightning Bitcoin?
Yes. You pick a peer and after some setup, create a bitcoin transaction to fund the lightning channel; it’ll then take another transaction to close it and release your funds. You and your peer always hold a bitcoin transaction to get your funds whenever you want: just broadcast to the blockchain like normal. In other words, you and your peer create a shared account, and then use Lightning to securely negotiate who gets how much from that shared account, without waiting for the bitcoin blockchain.
Is the Lightning Network open source?
Yes, Lightning is open source. Anyone can review the code (in the same way as the bitcoin code)
Who owns and controls the Lightning Network?
Similar to the bitcoin network, no one will ever own or control the Lightning Network. The code is open source and free for anyone to download and review. Anyone can run a node and be part of the network.
I’ve heard that Lightning transactions are happening “off-chain”…Does that mean that my bitcoin will be removed from the blockchain?
No, your bitcoin will never leave the blockchain. Instead your bitcoin will be held in a multi-signature address as long as your channel stays open. When the channel is closed; the final transaction will be added to the blockchain. “Off-chain” is not a perfect term, but it is used due to the fact that the transfer of ownership is no longer reflected on the blockchain until the channel is closed.
Do I need a constant connection to run a lightning node?
Not necessarily,
Example: A and B have a channel. 1 BTC each. A sends B 0.5 BTC. B sends back 0.25 BTC. Balance should be A = 0.75, B = 1.25. If A gets disconnected, B can publish the first Tx where the balance was A = 0.5 and B = 1.5. If the node B does in fact attempt to cheat by publishing an old state (such as the A=0.5 and B=1.5 state), this cheat can then be detected on-chain and used to steal the cheaters funds, i.e., A can see the closing transaction, notice it's an old one and grab all funds in the channel (A=2, B=0). The time that A has in order to react to the cheating counterparty is given by the CheckLockTimeVerify (CLTV) in the cheating transaction, which is adjustable. So if A foresees that it'll be able to check in about once every 24 hours it'll require that the CLTV is at least that large, if it's once a week then that's fine too. You definitely do not need to be online and watching the chain 24/7, just make sure to check in once in a while before the CLTV expires. Alternatively you can outsource the watch duties, in order to keep the CLTV timeouts low. This can be achieved both with trusted third parties or untrusted ones (watchtowers). In the case of a unilateral close, e.g., you just go offline and never come back, the other endpoint will have to wait for that timeout to expire to get its funds back. So peers might not accept channels with extremely high CLTV timeouts. -- Source
What Are Lightning’s Advantages?
Tiny payments are possible: since fees are proportional to the payment amount, you can pay a fraction of a cent; accounting is even done in thousandths of a satoshi. Payments are settled instantly: the money is sent in the time it takes to cross the network to your destination and back, typically a fraction of a second.
Does Lightning require Segregated Witness?
Yes, but not in theory. You could make a poorer lightning network without it, which has higher risks when establishing channels (you might have to wait a month if things go wrong!), has limited channel lifetime, longer minimum payment expiry times on each hop, is less efficient and has less robust outsourcing. The entire spec as written today assumes segregated witness, as it solves all these problems.
Can I Send Funds From Lightning to a Normal Bitcoin Address?
No, for now. For the first version of the protocol, if you wanted to send a normal bitcoin transaction using your channel, you have to close it, send the funds, then reopen the channel (3 transactions). In future versions, you and your peer would agree to spend out of your lightning channel funds just like a normal bitcoin payment, allowing you to use your lightning wallet like a normal bitcoin wallet.
Can I Make Money Running a Lightning Node?
Not really. Anyone can set up a node, and so it’s a race to the bottom on fees. In practice, we may see the network use a nominal fee and not change very much, which only provides an incremental incentive to route on a node you’re going to use yourself, and not enough to run one merely for fees. Having clients use criteria other than fees (e.g. randomness, diversity) in route selection will also help this.
What is the release date for Lightning on Mainnet?
Lightning is already being tested on the Mainnet Twitter Link but as for a specific date, Jameson Lopp says it best
Would there be any KYC/AML issues with certain nodes?
Nope, because there is no custody ever involved. It's just like forwarding packets. -- Source
What is the delay time for the recipient of a transaction receiving confirmation?
Furthermore, the Lightning Network scales not with the transaction throughput of the underlying blockchain, but with modern data processing and latency limits - payments can be made nearly as quickly as packets can be sent. -- Source
How does the lightning network prevent centralization?
Bitcoin Stack Exchange Answer
What are Channel Factories and how do they work?
Bitcoin Stack Exchange Answer
How does the Lightning network work in simple terms?
Bitcoin Stack Exchange Answer
How are paths found in Lightning Network?
Bitcoin Stack Exchange Answer
How would the lightning network work between exchanges?
Each exchange will get to decide and need to implement the software into their system, but some ideas have been outlined here: Google Doc - Lightning Exchanges
Note that by virtue of the usual benefits of cost-less, instantaneous transactions, lightning will make arbitrage between exchanges much more efficient and thus lead to consistent pricing across exchange that adopt it. -- Source
How do lightning nodes find other lightning nodes?
Stack Exchange Answer
Does every user need to store the state of the complete Lightning Network?
According to Rusty's calculations we should be able to store 1 million nodes in about 100 MB, so that should work even for mobile phones. Beyond that we have some proposals ready to lighten the load on endpoints, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. -- Source
Would I need to download the complete state every time I open the App and make a payment?
No you'd remember the information from the last time you started the app and only sync the differences. This is not yet implemented, but it shouldn't be too hard to get a preliminary protocol working if that turns out to be a problem. -- Source
What needs to happen for the Lightning Network to be deployed and what can I do as a user to help?
Lightning is based on participants in the network running lightning node software that enables them to interact with other nodes. This does not require being a full bitcoin node, but you will have to run "lnd", "eclair", or one of the other node softwares listed above.
All lightning wallets have node software integrated into them, because that is necessary to create payment channels and conduct payments on the network, but you can also intentionally run lnd or similar for public benefit - e.g. you can hold open payment channels or channels with higher volume, than you need for your own transactions. You would be compensated in modest fees by those who transact across your node with multi-hop payments. -- Source
Is there anyway for someone who isn't a developer to meaningfully contribute?
Sure, you can help write up educational material. You can learn and read more about the tech at You can test the various desktop and mobile apps out there (Lightning Desktop, Zap, Eclair apps). -- Source
Do I need to be a miner to be a Lightning Network node?
No -- Source
Do I need to run a full Bitcoin node to run a lightning node?
lit doesn't depend on having your own full node -- it automatically connects to full nodes on the network. -- Source
LND uses a light client mode, so it doesn't require a full node. The name of the light client it uses is called neutrino
How does the lightning network stop "Cheating" (Someone broadcasting an old transaction)?
Upon opening a channel, the two endpoints first agree on a reserve value, below which the channel balance may not drop. This is to make sure that both endpoints always have some skin in the game as rustyreddit puts it :-)
For a cheat to become worth it, the opponent has to be absolutely sure that you cannot retaliate against him during the timeout. So he has to make sure you never ever get network connectivity during that time. Having someone else also watching for channel closures and notifying you, or releasing a canned retaliation, makes this even harder for the attacker. This is because if he misjudged you being truly offline you can retaliate by grabbing all of its funds. Spotty connections, DDoS, and similar will not provide the attacker the necessary guarantees to make cheating worthwhile. Any form of uncertainty about your online status acts as a deterrent to the other endpoint. -- Source
How many times would someone need to open and close their lightning channels?
You typically want to have more than one channel open at any given time for redundancy's sake. And we imagine open and close will probably be automated for the most part. In fact we already have a feature in LND called autopilot that can automatically open channels for a user.
Frequency will depend whether the funds are needed on-chain or more useful on LN. -- Source
Will the lightning network reduce BTC Liquidity due to "locking-up" funds in channels?
Stack Exchange Answer
Can the Lightning Network work on any other cryptocurrency? How?
Stack Exchange Answer
When setting up a Lightning Network Node are fees set for the entire node, or each channel when opened?
You don't really set up a "node" in the sense that anyone with more than one channel can automatically be a node and route payments. Fees on LN can be set by the node, and can change dynamically on the network. -- Source
Can Lightning routing fees be changed dynamically, without closing channels?
Yes but it has to be implemented in the Lightning software being used. -- Source
How can you make sure that there will be routes with large enough balances to handle transactions?
You won't have to do anything. With autopilot enabled, it'll automatically open and close channels based on the availability of the network. -- Source
How does the Lightning Network stop flooding nodes (DDoS) with micro transactions? Is this even an issue?
Stack Exchange Answer

Unanswered Questions

How do on-chain fees work when opening and closing channels? Who pays the fee?
How does the Lightning Network work for mobile users?
What are the best practices for securing a lightning node?
What is a lightning "hub"?
How does lightning handle cross chain (Atomic) swaps?

Special Thanks and Notes

  • Many links found from awesome-lightning-network github
  • Everyone who submitted a question or concern!
  • I'm continuing to format for an easier Mobile experience!
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DNSBL is currently not blocking anything after recent pfsense update

I do not know if there was any update on the pfblockerng-devel package recently, as I just updated pfsense when I saw that it was available. After this update, DNSBL is not showing anything in the reports tab for blocks. The IP blocklists are working correctly, and when it reloads, it shows that unbound resolver, as well as the blocklists in DNSBL are loaded correctly. I do not know what could have caused this, and if I will have to re-install all of Pfsense to get it to work again. I have already tried to uninstall(while not keeping any previous settings), and then re-installing while re-doing all of the feeds in DNSBL.

TOP1M Final

33 33 1 0 0 32
[ Wally3kpersonal ] Reload [ 05/25/19 16:31:55 ] . completed .. Whitelist:||||||||||||||||
Orig. Unique # Dups # White # TOP1M Final
740 734 697 16 0 21
[ NewPihole_custom ] Reload [ 05/25/19 16:31:58 ] No Domains Found! Ensure only domain based Feeds are used for DNSBL!
[ Samsungblocks_custom ] Reload.
Orig. Unique # Dups # White # TOP1M Final
31 29 26 0 0 3
Saving DNSBL database... completed
Assembling DNSBL database... completed [ 05/25/19 16:32:07 ] Reloading Unbound Resolver..... completed [ 05/25/19 16:32:27 ]

DNSBL update [ 1654237 | PASSED ]... completed [ 05/25/19 16:32:28 ]

===[ GeoIP Process ]============================================
===[ IPv4 Process ]=================================================
[ Whitelist_custom_v4 ] exists. [ Abuse_DYRE_v4 ] Downloading update .. 404 Not Found
[ pfB_PRI1_v4 - Abuse_DYRE_v4 ] Download FAIL [ 05/25/19 16:32:29 ] Firewall and/or IDS (Legacy mode only) are not blocking download.
The Following List has been REMOVED [ Abuse_DYRE_v4 ]
[ Abuse_Feodo_C2_v4 ] exists. [ Abuse_IPBL_v4 ] exists. [ CINS_army_v4 ] exists. [ ET_Block_v4 ] exists. [ ET_Comp_v4 ] exists. [ Talos_BL_v4 ] Downloading update .. 403 Forbidden
[ pfB_PRI1_v4 - Talos_BL_v4 ] Download FAIL Firewall and/or IDS (Legacy mode only) are not blocking download.
The Following List has been REMOVED [ Talos_BL_v4 ]
[ Abuse_CW_PS_v4 ] exists. [ Abuse_LY_PS_v4 ] exists. [ BotScout_v4 ] exists. [ MDL_v4 ] exists. [ SFS_Toxic_v4 ] exists. [ CoinBlocker_v4 ] Downloading update .. 404 Not Found
[ pfB_PRI4_v4 - CoinBlocker_v4 ] Download FAIL [ 05/25/19 16:32:30 ] Firewall and/or IDS (Legacy mode only) are not blocking download.
The Following List has been REMOVED [ CoinBlocker_v4 ]
[ HoneyPot_IPs_v4 ] exists. [ Malc0de_v4 ] exists. [ Improware_v4 ] exists. [ LB_BL_v4 ] Downloading update . cURL Error: 28 Connection timed out after 15018 milliseconds Retry in 5 seconds... . cURL Error: 28 Connection timed out after 15002 milliseconds Retry in 5 seconds... . cURL Error: 28 Connection timed out after 15003 milliseconds Retry in 5 seconds... .. unknown http status code | 0
[ pfB_MAIL_v4 - LB_BL_v4 ] Download FAIL [ 05/25/19 16:33:30 ] Firewall and/or IDS (Legacy mode only) are not blocking download.
The Following List has been REMOVED [ LB_BL_v4 ]
[ Nix_Spam_v4 ] exists. [ SpamCop_SC_v4 ] exists. [ Toastedspam_v4 ] exists. [ DNSBLIP_v4 ] Downloading update .. completed ..
Reputation (Max=50) - Range(s) 185.244.25.|37.9.55.|146.185.236.|146.185.238.|64.154.80.|
Reputation -Max Stats
Blacklisted Match Ranges IPs Ranges IPs
5 877 0 0
Original Master Final
14168 12832 12832 [ Pass ]
===[ Reputation - pMax ]======================================
Querying for repeat offenders ( pMax=50 ) [ 05/25/19 16:33:31 ] Reputation -pMax ( None )
===[ Reputation - dMax ]======================================
Querying for repeat offenders ( dMax=20 ) [ 05/25/19 16:33:31 ] Classifying repeat offenders by GeoIP Processing [ Block ] IPs Removing [ Block ] IPs
Removed the following IP ranges: 212.27.35.|216.200.199.|207.246.136.|206.65.183.|209.132.193.|209.132.218.|209.132.220.|205.180.85.|61.135.131.|207.68.178.|204.253.104.|200.221.6.|
Reputation - dMax Stats
Blacklisted Match Ranges IPs Ranges IPs
12 359 0 0
===[ Suppression Stats ]===================================

List Pre Suppress Master

Abuse_Feodo_C2_v4 427 427 42824 Abuse_IPBL_v4 333 333 42824 CINS_army_v4 13730 13730 42824 ET_Block_v4 888 888 42824 ET_Comp_v4 498 498 42824 Abuse_CW_PS_v4 1 1 42824 Abuse_LY_PS_v4 1 1 42824 BotScout_v4 55 55 42824 MDL_v4 968 968 42824 SFS_Toxic_v4 83 83 42824 HoneyPot_IPs_v4 24 24 42824 Malc0de_v4 65 65 42824 Improware_v4 973 973 42824 Nix_Spam_v4 10323 10323 42824 SpamCop_SC_v4 195 195 42824 Toastedspam_v4 1775 1775 42824 DNSBLIP_v4 12485 12485 42824
===[ Aliastables / Rules ]==========================================
No changes to Firewall rules, skipping Filter Reload
Updating: pfB_Whitelist_v4 no changes. Updating: pfB_PRI1_v4 no changes. Updating: pfB_Abuse_PS_v4 no changes. Updating: pfB_PRI3_v4 no changes. Updating: pfB_PRI4_v4 no changes. Updating: pfB_MAIL_v4 no changes. Updating: pfB_DNSBLIP_v4 no changes.
===[ FINAL Processing ]=====================================
[ Original IP count ] [ 76449 ]
[ Final IP Count ] [ 42824 ]
===[ Permit List IP Counts ]=========================
 2 /vadb/pfblockerng/permit/Whitelist_custom_v4.txt 
===[ Deny List IP Counts ]===========================
42824 total 13730 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/CINS_army_v4.txt 12485 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/DNSBLIP_v4.txt 10323 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/Nix_Spam_v4.txt 1775 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/Toastedspam_v4.txt 973 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/Improware_v4.txt 968 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/MDL_v4.txt 888 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/ET_Block_v4.txt 498 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/ET_Comp_v4.txt 427 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/Abuse_Feodo_C2_v4.txt 333 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/Abuse_IPBL_v4.txt 195 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/SpamCop_SC_v4.txt 83 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/SFS_Toxic_v4.txt 65 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/Malc0de_v4.txt 55 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/BotScout_v4.txt 24 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/HoneyPot_IPs_v4.txt 1 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/Abuse_LY_PS_v4.txt 1 /vadb/pfblockerng/deny/Abuse_CW_PS_v4.txt
====================[ Empty Lists w/ ]==================
===[ DNSBL Domain/IP Counts ] ===================================
1668405 total 1083648 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/New.txt 370231 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/BBC_DGA.txt 51684 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Abuse_urlhaus.txt 35526 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Joewein_base.txt 20185 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/CoinBlocker_All.txt 14305 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/MDS.txt 11617 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/adguard.txt 10810 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/SFS_Toxic_BD.txt 10347 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Shallamalware.txt 7616 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Abuse_urlhaus_v4.ip 5739 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/CCT_BD.txt 5431 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/SWC.txt 5367 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/adserver.txt 4410 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Shallalist_adv_v4.ip 4140 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Spam404.txt 4036 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Easylist.txt 3300 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Shallalist_adv.txt 3130 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/hpHosts_ATS.txt 2619 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Quidsup_Trackers.txt 2503 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/UT1_malware.txt 2009 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Abuse_URLBL.txt 1869 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/CCT_BD_v4.ip 1515 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/MDS_Immortal.txt 1293 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Cameleon.txt 588 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/EasyPrivacy.txt 560 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/UT1_publicite.txt 509 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/CoinBlocker_Opt.txt 493 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/UT1_marketingware.txt 456 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/MVPS.txt 317 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/ISC_SDL.txt 289 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/MDL.txt 280 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/EasyList.txt 267 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/UT1_ddos.txt 235 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/D_Me_Malv.txt 205 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/UT1_bitcoin.txt 205 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Adaway.txt 129 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Abuse_DOMBL.txt 78 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Joewein_base_v4.ip 76 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/BBC_DC2.txt 74 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/UT1_publicite_v4.ip 58 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Abuse_URLBL_v4.ip 32 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Torrentlocker.txt 31 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/SFS_Toxic_BD_v4.ip 31 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Quidsup_Mal.txt 28 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Joewein_new.txt 26 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/SBL_ADs.txt 25 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/UT1_bitcoin_v4.ip 25 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Lockyrw.txt 21 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Wally3kpersonal.txt 15 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Yoyo.txt 5 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/EasyList_v4.ip 5 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/ADs_custom.txt 3 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Samsungblocks_custom.txt 2 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Abuse_Zeus_BD.txt 2 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Abuse_CW_C2.txt 1 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/UT1_marketingware_v4.ip 1 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/NoCoin.txt 1 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/MoneroMiner.txt 1 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Malc0de.txt 1 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/EasyPrivacy_v4.ip 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/simple.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/malvertising1.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/hosts2.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/dgad.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/coinblockernew.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/adhost.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/adaway.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/ 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Teslacrypt.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Ransomware1.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/NewPihole_custom.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Malware2.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Malware1.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/H3X_1h.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/D_Me_Tracking.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/D_Me_Malw.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/D_Me_ADs.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Cryptowall1.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Abuse_TC_C2.txt 0 /vadb/pfblockerng/dnsbl/Abuse_C2_custom.txt
====================[ IPv4/6 Last Updated List Summary ]==============
Feb 8 2017 Improware_v4 Feb 21 09:45 MDL_v4 May 23 06:17 Malc0de_v4 May 23 21:29 ET_Comp_v4 May 23 21:37 Whitelist_custom_v4 May 24 23:35 CINS_army_v4 May 24 23:51 BotScout_v4 May 24 23:59 SFS_Toxic_v4 May 25 00:00 Nix_Spam_v4 May 25 00:05 Abuse_LY_PS_v4 May 25 00:05 Abuse_CW_PS_v4 May 25 00:05 Abuse_IPBL_v4 May 25 00:05 Abuse_Feodo_C2_v4 May 25 00:06 Toastedspam_v4 May 25 00:07 ET_Block_v4 May 25 00:07 HoneyPot_IPs_v4 May 25 00:08 SpamCop_SC_v4 May 25 16:33 DNSBLIP_v4
====================[ DNSBL Last Updated List Summary ]==============
Jul 31 2015 D_Me_Tracking Mar 9 2016 simple Mar 9 2016 D_Me_ADs Jan 20 2018 adaway Jan 20 2018 Adaway Mar 18 2018 Cameleon Nov 29 13:50 MDS_Immortal Feb 21 09:45 MDL Apr 15 22:17 Wally3kpersonal May 7 07:51 hpHosts_ATS May 7 07:51 adhost May 8 09:55 MVPS May 14 22:14 SWC May 17 12:21 Malware1 May 17 16:00 Shallamalware May 18 06:31 adguard May 18 06:41 Easylist May 21 06:13 coinblockernew May 21 06:13 CoinBlocker_Opt May 21 06:13 CoinBlocker_All May 22 21:57 Abuse_Zeus_BD May 22 21:58 Spam404 May 22 22:00 Shallalist_adv May 22 22:00 CCT_BD May 22 22:00 H3X_1h May 22 22:00 MoneroMiner May 22 22:00 NoCoin May 22 22:00 Quidsup_Mal May 22 22:00 Quidsup_Trackers May 22 22:01 adserver May 22 22:01 hosts2 May 22 22:01 Malware2 May 23 04:40 Yoyo May 23 06:10 Malc0de May 24 05:07 dgad May 24 05:07 SBL_ADs May 24 13:28 MDS May 24 16:00 New May 24 17:15 BBC_DGA May 24 21:01 Joewein_base May 24 21:04 ISC_SDL May 24 23:12 BBC_DC2 May 24 23:21 malvertising1 May 24 23:21 D_Me_Malw May 24 23:21 D_Me_Malv May 24 23:51 EasyList May 24 23:51 EasyPrivacy May 24 23:59 SFS_Toxic_BD May 25 00:00 Torrentlocker May 25 00:00 Lockyrw May 25 00:00 Cryptowall1 May 25 00:00 Abuse_URLBL May 25 00:00 Abuse_DOMBL May 25 00:00 Abuse_CW_C2 May 25 00:00 Abuse_urlhaus May 25 00:00 Joewein_new May 25 00:05 Teslacrypt May 25 00:05 Abuse_TC_C2 May 25 00:05 Ransomware1 May 25 14:12 UT1_bitcoin May 25 14:12 UT1_ddos May 25 14:12 UT1_malware May 25 14:12 UT1_marketingware May 25 14:12 UT1_publicite May 25 16:30 Abuse_C2_custom May 25 16:30 ADs_custom May 25 16:31 NewPihole_custom

May 25 16:31 Samsungblocks_custom

Database Sanity check [ PASSED ]

Masterfile/Deny folder uniq check Deny foldeMasterfile uniq check

Sync check (Pass=No IPs reported)

Alias table IP Counts

42826 total 15876 /vadb/aliastables/pfB_PRI1_v4.txt 13266 /vadb/aliastables/pfB_MAIL_v4.txt 12485 /vadb/aliastables/pfB_DNSBLIP_v4.txt 1106 /vadb/aliastables/pfB_PRI3_v4.txt 89 /vadb/aliastables/pfB_PRI4_v4.txt 2 /vadb/aliastables/pfB_Whitelist_v4.txt 2 /vadb/aliastables/pfB_Abuse_PS_v4.txt

pfSense Table Stats

table-entries hard limit 400000 Table Usage Count 154505
UPDATE PROCESS ENDED [ 05/25/19 16:33:33 ]
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RIALTO.AI AMA - September 2017

Welcome to RIALTO.AI Ask Me Anything thread.
This thread has been launched for our supporters to submit questions. RIALTO.AI will answer the questions monthly.
September's Session will stay unlocked until September 25. Ten most upvoted questions will be answered on September 29, this month exceptionally due to a conference in Barcelona October 3-5.
We kindly ask you to follow these guidelines:
To avoid retelling, we invite you to read answers of the previous session before submitting your questions:
1. mattftw1337 14 points: As we’ve already seen, the asset pool will likely appreciate due to the market appreciating. Upon payout, will the appreciation also be paid out as well as dividend profit to reset the pool back to a value of $7.5m?
The digital asset pool was funded in cryptocurrencies and was denominated in cryptocurrencies at the inception point. The performance, therefore, is also measured in cryptocurrencies and the excess return is converted and denominated in cryptocurrencies as well, more specifically Ether.
2. rockalick 14 points: You mentioned in a tweet a while back you estimated 80–120BTC profit in the first month. What would be your updated figure?
The tweet ( was an estimation of the market potential and total available volume at the time, under the assumption of full utilization of the digital asset pool. We are not issuing any return projections or pledges at any point but we will enable access to partial weekly trading data via the dashboard and detailed performance statistics will be published quarterly in performance reports.
3. Redtimetraveller 13 points: In your answer to Q10 in August’s thread, you have answered the second part of the question but not the first part. The white paper mentions that holding XRL is only a proof of membership in the digital asset pool. The role of the pool is not clear in the future creation of an exchange by Rialto.AI thus the first part of the question remains unanswered. I am going to ask the question differently though. How will the digital asset pool be involved in the future creation of an exchange?
The single access point, which will enable purchasing of cryptocurrencies through the RIALTO.AI, is planned to work as the gateway with quotes from RIALTO.AI connected exchanges. An exchange of cryptocurrencies is straightforward, as the buyer sends the preferred cryptocurrency, RIALTO.AI on the other side executes a trade for a fee, and as cryptocurrencies will be exchanged almost simultaneously, only a small portion of the digital asset pool will be required for clearing and netting of balances.
4. RedArmanino 11 points: In this recent interview with Fred Ehrsam, the Coinbase Co-Founder states that for the last couple months Wall Street market makers have been signing up with GDAX: (relevant info is between 2:45 and 3:00 minute mark). It appears you missed a huge opportunity with GDAX already, as current BTC spread (for example) is only $0.01. Question: Why aren’t you all over Bitfinex and other exchanges where spreads are currently wider, where you can deploy that $7.5 Million and start generating return of capital now for tokenholders?! In the August AMA you stated that you don’t expect to use more than 50% of the Digital Asset Pool in the next 3 months. Pardon my French, but wtf?! You could easily use all $7.5 Million market making right now! Bitfinex alone trades over $200 Million worth of Bitcoin on the 24 hour. Starting to feel like y’all getting beat to the punch.
Please feel free to express any critics but in a professional manner. Impolitely addressed questions will be disregarded in next sessions. Based on our professional judgement, the deployment of full capital to all exchanges, without the sufficient testing and background checks, would drastically increase the risk and affect the performance ratios in the long term.
5. VertigoXRP 8 points: Could you elaborate on some technicals of the AI algoritm, without too much depth I would be interested in knowing how the AI mitigates risks like flash crashes, ddos outage et cetera.
We are getting many inquiries regarding specifics of our trading algorithms. We have to follow the best industry practices in order to protect our proprietary strategies, therefore we cannot provide you with the answers to stated questions.
6. kkkk_x 7 points: I did some numbers. Makes me think the markets are off by a distance or I am. Can you point out where is this going wrong? So the trading pool is currently 9mil USD as of 6 Sep, 2017: Assumptions: -Ripple gateway should be fast enough for at least 5 transactions per hour(complete arbitrage as well as portfolio rebalancing cycles) -As mentioned in the AMA, Rialto AI should reach 4 exchanges, 4 assets to trade with and one ripple gateway by October, 2017; although we aren’t considering potentially 5–10 more echanges which may cut the list for Rialto AI -Assuming average 1% (0.8% after costs(potentially lower for bigger volume) and slippage risk) opportunity for all of 6 combinations possible for any 2 exchanges per asset all the time -Conservative assumption: arbitrages would always be equal to 1% (0.8% net), nothing more nothing less! -Average 20k USD liquidity on each side (Ask for the cheaper one and bid for the expensive one) -Wouldn’t be risking more than 50% of the pool -We aren’t considering PNL coming from either market making or AI bots -P/E multiple for company valuation: 10 PNL (PROFIT AND LOSS) Average PNL per asset per trade= 20k USD* 0.8%= 160 USD Average PNL per asset per hour= 5160 USD= 800 USD Total PNL per hour= 4 (No. of Assets) 800 USD= 3200 USD Total PNL per day= 243200 USD= 76,000 USD Total PNL per month= 2.4 mil USD Total PNL per year= 28.8 mil USD Total projected marketcap: 288 mil USD Total funds deployed < 1mil USD This means the markets are off by 10X, using some of relatively more conservative estimates of just 4 assets and 4 exchanges, not deploying more than 10% of the capital at any point! *Where is it going wrong? Also, I have seen this reddit being virtually dead! Critics welcomed!! Edit: Some of the assumptions would seem aggressive, others conservative, please point out if you feel so.
We cannot provide evaluations on our market capitalization but would point out one flawed assumption that the market discrepancies occur linearly, rather the majority of trading is done at the time of above-average volatility indicator, therefore, linear extrapolation of trading performance is flawed.
7. eenymeeny_mo 10 points: Can we get more details for the timing of how the repayments determined? For instance, if I buy additional coins the day beforet the payout, do I receive the entire payout value of the coin, or only the value accumulated while I have the coin. If the prior, is there any added incentive to hold the coins for the whole duration. Without this it seems like the value of the coin will have similar drops to how Byteball always tanks after the monthly airdrop. Thanks for insight on this point.
We received several requests to change this process and are indeed evaluating different strategies for withdrawal (average holding periods etc.) that would affect the token price in the most stable manner. Until the further change, which would be announced before the year-end, the use of record date remains.
8. Baelishx 7 points: What are your plans for the OMG you received/will receive from the airdrop for holding a large amount of ETH? Any chance you’ll be following what the Golem team did and distribute some to XRL holders?
Received OMG will be included in the digital asset pool.
9. icecandle84 6 points 18 days ago : Would inform its supporters prior to selling the technology/algorithms/IP to a 3rd party?
Any third party usage of the IP and its terms would be disclosed publicly.
10. adiafero 5 points: Hi, I think rialto project its great and really promising. My question is, how are you thinking to market this project? I understand that you are having programmed conferences where to show the product. But, i dont see any marketing strategy other than that. As example, what about expanding the community on channels like reddit, etc? I think this project should have at least 10k followers not 300 :)
The number of our followers is increasing on a monthly basis, just for the illustration: we have over 6,000 email subscribers and over 3,700 followers on Twitter. The corporate image has been renewed which is the first step towards the recognition in the industry. In months to come, we will attend two important conferences Blockchain Solutions Forum in Barcelona October 2–5, 2017 and FinTech Connect Live in London December 6–7, 2017 where we will present ourselves as exhibitors and speakers which we will cover and share with our public. We will also use the media coverage of the conferences as well as publish a series of interviews and podcasts. The plan is also to increase and enhance the contribution on social media like Youtube and Medium.
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Sono tornato e voglio sapere tutto quello che è successo in mia assenza!

Buongiorno eccomi qui. Per anni ho avuto la fissa della tecnologia. Appena mi alzavo la mattina la prima cosa che facevo pipì. Ma poi correvo a leggere tutte le news che ruotavano intorno al mondo tecnologico e quindi: slashdot, techchrunch, punto-informatico ecc...
Poi nel 2011 ho perso completamente interesse, mi sembrava che il mondo con le app si fosse appiattito e che la tecnologia intorno al mondo IT fosse meno interessante, ma forse ero solo io che avevo bisogno di staccare la spina. Ora però voglio tornare, voglio di nuovo sapere tutto ciò che sta accadendo e che è accaduto negli anni passati.
Ho voglia però di essere aggiornato. Quali sono state secondo voi le tecnologie software/hardware, i servizi e le acquisizioni più importanti degli ultimi sei anni?
Aggiornerò questo post creando una timeline man mano che ognuno di voi fornirà informazioni attraverso i commenti.
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The early May dip : 3 reasons why Bitcoin is presently tanking.

The past couple of days have seen a substantial dip in the value of Bitcoin. From a high of 140$US on May 1st to a present value of 98$US and dropping. Some of you may be asking why the sudden decrease in value? IMHO these are 3 reasons for which I believe we are seeing such a decline.
However, taking all of this into account for the time being does not mean that you too should join the panicking herd of sellers. I believe the smart thing to do is get fiat into the exchange, preferbly neither Mt. Gox nor CoinLab. ( There are plently of alternatives out there: btc-e, bitstamp, cavirtex, libertybit ) This way you are ready to buy when the price gets low.
There will be an upward trend in the coming weeks of May. I say this because I believe in the fundamentals of Bitcoin. An open-source, entirely transparent form of currency that only I control and can access. I think that the vast amount of functionality that can arise from the Bitcoin protocol such as built-in escrow and contract agreements will improve Bitcoin once fully implemented. Other than Bitcoin's fundamentals it has strong support from a number of promising start ups including Coinbase, Buttercoin, Opencoin, Bitpay among many others to come!
So be prepared to buy low if you want to increase you stake in Bitcoins future. Following the Bitcoin2013 convention; awareness will spread and I predict a sudden surge in Bitcoins value. That's my 2mBTC!
Edit (May 3rd 2013): I did not think this post would get so much attention. The main point was to bring up some of the most recent controversial antics in the Bitcoin world which point to the downward trend we've been seeing the past few days. There are other underlying causes for this as well albeit less important than the ones I've highlighted. ( Jeff Berwick leaving the BitcoinATM team and not to mention the extreme market manipulation by bots. ) With these points illustrated I wanted to express the fresh buying opportunities that we a presently seeing. All of these sticky situations wills dissolve from our minds very soon and when that happens the price will go up. These actions that caused the Bitcoin price to dwindle will only weed out the weak hands looking for a quick buck and give cheap buying opportunity to those who actually believe that Bitcoin will strive due to its properties and potential as a global currency/commodity. We are still in the beginning chapters of Bitcoin. It will take a substantial amount of time and events to overcome until we can witness something we can refer to as stable for Bitcoin. Until then the hardcore speculators and sketched out Bitcoin users will continue to sell and the strong hands of Bitcoiners who have faith in it's success will continue to buy or hold.
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DADI - All-In-One Thread

DADI - All-In-One Thread

DADI: Decentralized Architecture for a Democratic Internet

For a FULL list of DADI updates, including those to the DADI d'Apps, see here:

What is DADI?

DADI: Decentralized Architecture for a Democratic Internet
DADI Official Video
DADI is built on the Ethereum Blockchain using an ERC-20 token allowing the use of smart contracts and thus improving transparency. Think of the DADI network as seen in the likes of more centralised Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure but on a decentralised cloud infrastructure supported by the contributors of the network (masternodes). The DADI network will be widely distributed on which will be an increasingly large number of nodes which are location aware and located at the edge of the network, this increases efficiency and also helps to prevent a single point of failure. DADIs decentralised cloud platform focuses on currently 11 web services (see below) which will feature in the DADI marketplace as intelligent apps.
One way of thinking about this is that the DADI nodes are on a side chain running the DADI software. Contributors stake (PoS) their DADI tokens on the ETH network to secure a node within the DADI network. The node uses Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Availability (PoA) to reward contributors with DADI tokens. More information on this in the Masternode section of this post. This means anyone with a device, laptop, phone, home router (a smart device with an internet connection) will be able to earn income by providing spare compute.
DADI is extremely secure and resistant to common attacks such as DDOS and Brute Force and also prevents malicious data entering the network making all of the web services much safer from malicious attack.
DADI has been in development for over 5+ years (yes, 5 years!) and already providing services to some of their top tier clients. These customers will slowly be moved across to mainnet over time.

DADI works with a few large media corporations
  • Virgin Limited
  • Monocle
  • Empire
  • What Car?
  • Grazia
  • Mojo
  • heat
  • Kerrang
  • + many others

DADI Technology Partner Programme

Gain access to DADI tools, training and support along with other benefits by joining the DADI Technology Partner Programme.

DADI Services

The DADI services are broken into a set of micro services within the DADI dApp marketplace and provide the necessary solutions to meet business requirements. They are currently being brought on to the network in a staged and development track.
DADI CDN - Network Ready
DADI CDN is the first product to launch on the DADI network and is currently live on mainnet.
What is CDN?
A Content Delivery Network (CDN) or Content Distribution Network (CDN). DADI facilitates the seamless delivery of image, audio and video assets for digital products accessed across a range of devices in multiple contexts. CDN's deliver content to end users via nodes deployed in multiple locations.
This allows to reduce bandwidth costs, improve end user experience and increase availability of content. With DADI being able to distribute these nodes in a decentralised manner, nodes are likely to be located much closer to the end user.
Here is the DADI CDN sandbox environment for some of the features:
...10 other services are being built and on the development roadmap.
DADI Store -Q3 2018
DADI Store - A cloud storage solution for all types of data, with built-in security, privacy and redundancy.
DADI API - Q4 2018
DADI API - A high-performance RESTful API layer designed in support of API-first development and the principles of COPE.
DADI API Wrapper - This library is for interacting with DADI API and provides a high-level abstraction of the REST architecture style, exposing a set of chainable methods that allow developers to compose complex read and write operations using a simplistic and natural syntax.
DADI Publish - Q1 2019
DADI Publish – A writer’s window to the world of content creation. Flexible interfaces designed to optimize editorial workflow.
DADI Web - Q2 2019
DADI Web – A schemaless templating layer that can work standalone or with DADI API.
DADI Identity - Q3 2019
DADI Identity - Guarantees uniqueness of individuals — and powers segmentation — for anonymous and known users.
DADI Track - Q3 2019+
DADI Track - A real-time, streaming data layer providing accurate metrics at individual and product level.
DADI Visualize - Q3 2019+
DADI Visualize - A data visualization interface for Identity and Track, capable of taking data feeds from virtually any source.
DADI Predict - Q3 2019+
DADI Predict - A machine-learning layer that predicts user behavior at an individual level based on past interactions.
DADI Match - Q3 2019+
DADI Match - A taxonomic framework for automated content classification through machine learning, which plugs into Publish.
DADI Queue - Q3 2019+
DADI Queue - A lightweight queue processing system powered by Redis, featuring simple task routing and throttling. well as the dApps we also have:
DADI CLI - DADI CLI is a command-line tool to help with the installation and customisation of the various products of the DADI platform.


DADI Tutorials - Step-by-step guides and practical examples of our technology written by the DADI team.

Official Sources – Get to know the community.

DADI Website
DADI Telegram The community in the Telegram is the most active, but the admins and team will often visit all forms of social media.
DADI Telegram Announcements
DADI Discord
DADI Github
DADI Twitter
DADI Medium
DADI Youtube
DADI Coinmarketcap
DADI Careers
DADI Facebook
DADI investfeed
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Unofficial Sources

DADI Telegram 'Price talk'
DADI Twitter Bot (DADI Rank)
This is the communities chat talking price action amongst other things.

DADI Foundation

DADI Foundation
DADI Foundation The Foundation was established in January 2017. It has it's own board and it's own CEO. While it benefits from the network and was setup by the founders of DADI, it is independent, with it's own articles and governance.
· DADI AMA - DADI Foundation with Jennifer Martin-Nye, CEO - July 6th
DADI Foundation Social Media:
DADI Foundation - Twitter
DADI Foundation - LinkedIn
DADI Foundation - Instagram
Contact DADI Foundation:
[DADI Foundation - Contact Us](mailto:[email protected])

Roadmap – Where is DADI Heading?

So far DADI have accomplished all targets on time even releasing DADI Mainnet 2 days early.
DADI Roadmap

DADI Team – Who is in the team?

Starting at around 18 members, DADI has grown to around 30. The team decided to remove the office environment and work remotely to promote a better life/work balance.
Due to the size of the team and the information they have presented it is best to read here:
Have a read here about the remote working setup:

DADI Tokenomics – How does the token work?

DADI tokens are an integral part of the DADI Platform. Consumers will be charged tokens for their usage of DADI Web Services. An exchange will be built into front end interfaces, allowing consumers to purchase services in their currency of choice.
Make sure you give the tokenomics doc a read:
DADI Official Tokenomics Documentation (available in 10 languages including: English/Korean/Chinese/German and Russian)
DADI Token
DADI Token is an ERC-20 token which can be stored in wallets such as MEW.
· Ethplorer:
· Symbol: DADI
· Contract: 0xFb2f26F266Fb2805a387230f2aa0a331b4d96Fba
· Decimals: 18
· Total Supply: 100,000,000 (The creation of DADI tokens will be a one time event. The Token Creation event is the only time that these tokens can be created, and therefore the total supply of DADI tokens is fixed.)
ICO Prices:
ICO Presale: $0.40
ICO Public Sale: $0.50
ICO Amount raised: $29,000,000

DADI Account - Click the link for Preview

DADI is developing its own 'Account' page which will be fully securable with 2FA. DADI also decided to merge the DADI wallet into the account section.
The account section will be used for multiple reasons such as:
  • Holding DADI tokens
  • Managing Devices/Nodes
  • Increasing barrier for entry with a simple UI
  • DADI Contract management
  • Direct FIAT conversion
  • Consumer facing management functionality
DADI Account Page

Exchanges – Where can I buy (or sell)?

DADI has secured some of the top exchanges, including FIAT pairings\*.
· Bitfinex*
· Ethfinex*
· KuCoin
· HitBTC
· Cobinhood
· CoinFalcon
· WandX
· London Block Exchange (LBX)* - This will be a future listing including a DADI-GBP pairing for the UK. See partnerships below.

Masternodes and Requirements

DADI Official Documentation
DADI masternodes are built on a 3 tier system to perform different functions required for the network. There are three key nodes within the DADI Network: Stargates, Gateways and Hosts. Availability of running certain nodes comes due to network requirements. As the demand increases so will the required amount of masternodes.
INITIAL On-Boarding of Masternodes:
The first wave of nodes will consist of the DADI Founding Node.
This includes the onboarding of c.500 Hosts, c.15 Gateways and c.2 Stargates during Q3 and Q4. These figures are designed to provide enough capacity for early network demand and are subject to change.

Masternode ROI

Note: A calculator to work this out is in development.
A common question is in regards to the ROI of the nodes. The expected returns are shown in the document linked above, but to further understand potential ROI you must first understand how the network rewards contributors.
DADI consumers purchase DADI services via a currency of their choice and this is then converted in real time to the DADI token. This revenue generated is then split between 3 bodies: Nodes, the Ecosystem fund and the DADI Foundation.
Revenue Distribution
The masternodes work on 3 different models:
  1. Proof of Work + Consensus
  2. Proof of Stake
  3. Proof of Availability
The more work your node does (the monitored requests and traffic to your node), with the amount staked (which is limited to avoid centralisation and additional nodes would be required beyond a certain point) and how available your node is on the network (its uptime) determines its reward payout. The larger masternodes (the Stargate especially) require a high uptime and may be penalised if downtime is not during a maintenance window, the hosts do not have such a heavy requirement.
So as a result, the consumers purchase services through DADI, the revenue is then distributed at 85% to all masternodes based on the results of the nodes Proof of Work, Proof of Stake and Proof of Availability a payout is performed monthly.
The PoS requirement is reviewed per quarter and may be lower as the network grows to allow more nodes to be onboarded.

Masternode Setup

DADI nodes are currently in staged on-boarding until the network is publicly available, this will be known as Constellation and is due Q4 2018/Q1 2019.
The masternode setup will be made to be simple and allow for maintenance windows when downtime is required such as hardware changes, update schedules or other.
You will also be able to monitor performance of your DADI nodes from your account.
Here is a sneak peak of the setup window:
Setup Screen (preview)

Masternode Types

DADI Stargate

· Purpose: Stargates provide the domain name system that makes Gateway/Host resources addressable. They are responsible for the secure running of the network. They monitor resources and control the payout contract.
· 500k DADI tokens
· Restricted availability
· Voting rights
Minimum specification:
High bandwidth: 1 Gbit/s+
High availability: 99.9999%
CPU: 2x quad-core+ @ 2.80GHz+
Disk: 2TB SSD+
Stargates are intended for high-connectivity environments: think data centers and high bandwidth office environments, and are designed to be single, powerful machines rather than a cluster of smaller, less powerful machines.
DADI Stargate - specs below
For example this Stargate specs are as follows:
· 32x Xeon E3 1260L v5 Quad-Core @ 2.9GHz, 8Mb Cache
· 1.2TB RAM
· 2TB SSD raid
Plus room to expand that 10x per node as requirements grow.

DADI Gateway

· Purpose: Gateways are network node owners who contribute bandwidth. They are the entry point to the network, acting as an aggregate point for Host node capacity.
· 50k DADI tokens
· Limited availability
· Top 25% of nodes have voting rights
Minimum specification:
High bandwidth: 250 Mbit/s+
High availability: 99%
CPU: 1x quad-core+ @ 2.5GHz+
Disk: 1TB SSD+


DADI Host performs extremely well on a Raspberry Pi 3. It can also be run behind a home router without the need for router configuration.
· Purpose: Hosts are network node owners who contribute computational power. DADI Web Services run in a container service within a secure enclave on Host environments.
· 5K DADI tokens
· No node limits
· Top 5% of nodes have voting rights
Minimum specification:
High bandwidth: 15 Mbit/s+
High availability: 20%+
CPU: 1x quad-core 1.2 GHZ+
Disk: 50GB HDD+

Masternode Hosting (Details by DADI team to be confirmed)

Partnerships – So who works with DADI?

Wirehive delivers expert infrastructure consultancy and support for a broad portfolio of clients including Vodafone, Honda and ITV — and it will be offering DADI’s network as a decentralized alternative to AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.
Netwise, a leading provider of server colocation and data centre services.
Netwise offers private facilities in London and throughout Europe, designed and built entirely in-house, and delivers end-user content on a national and international scale. It is also a pioneer in green colocation solutions, offering highly-efficient rack space powered by 100% renewable energy — an issue of equal importance to the DADI team.
DADI is developing a marketplace proposition - a containerised service for approved partners that enables the running of third party software within the DADI network.
Agorai are working with DADI to deploy their technology in to the marketplace. They are also likely to use DADI API and Store for key components in their setup.
INDX are working with the DADI marketplace: an open container that is designed to run third party software. Specifically, DADI are working together with INDX to explore the potential for running their masternode setup within the DADI network. They are currently running in AWS.
Blond creates contemporary products, spaces and digital experiences for a diverse range of brands, including Sony, LG, Revolut and Rapha. Blond are working on designs for dedicated DADI nodes. Think smart speakers and smart fridges (as one of the devs commented: DADI Cool) as well as other devices. One potential use case would be nodes that do not require staking, but would offset their own carbon emissions (more info to come on this).
The founding node design:
DADI x blond - Founding Node
DADI have integrated Verasity’s VeraPlayer with the DADI network. Verasity’s video toolkit (vDaf) allows existing online video services to access the benefits of blockchain technology.
DADI and Verasity in Times Sq.
London Block Exchange (LBX)
London Block Exchange (LBX) will be providing a fiat on/off ramp for customers of the DADI network and DADI making available its dApps including API, Web and CDN for use on the LBX ICO website. During its upcoming ICO in August, LBX will also make use of three key dApps from within the DADI marketplaceDADI API, DADI Weband DADI CDN. These applications will deliver optimal performance during the LBX ICO, plus the company is exploring the use of DADI technology for its exchange environments. This will also include a DADI-GBP pairing for the folks in the UK.


Will DADI move to its own blockchain?
There are no plans to do this. There is also no mainnet swap.
Can I keep DADI Tokens on my Ledger or Trezor?
Yes, DADI is an ERC-20 token which can integrate with MEW.
What is the utility of the DADI token?
The DADI token is used by the consumers of the DADI web services to pay for requests on the network, regardless of whether they pay in another form of currency.
How does the Fiat on-ramp work? What is the Fiat on-ramp?
Individuals and businesses can pay for DADI services using fiat if they want to. This does not change the fact that our services are paid for in DADI: it simply means that there there will be a small real-time exchange in place on, removing the barrier to entry that a purely crypto based payments solution would pose. It's no different in concept to a business heading to OKEx, buying tokens and then paying in DADI, other than it is faster and that it provides the experience that the majority of our potential consumer base expects at this point in time. Of course you will be able to buy our services in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Nano and many other currencies besides.
The amount of nodes compared to the amount of coins does not add up?
As consumer demand for the technology increases, the size of the network will need to increase. To support growth in capacity the requirement of POS will be reduced. The token value is the second factor that will be monitored and factored in to POS requirements. Some nodes will be allowed a limited increase for proof of stake without allowing for centralisation.
Can a Masternode be run on a VPS?
While running within VPS will not give you the same performance as running on bare metal, it will still be possible, yes.
As the ETH network is used for reputation management and accounting purposes we understand congestion is not a huge concern, but what point could it become a problem and what is the plan B?
The level of congestion required for this be an issue is huge - existential threat to Ethereum level.
DADI will monitor performance, but do not expect this to be an issue. If it ever was however, of course DADI would look to alternatives.

AMA – All those questions that have been asked, answered.

The DADI team currently run an AMA fortnightly. The AMA is run over 3 platforms, Reddit/Discord/Telegram. All questions and answers are posted throughout. The AMA posts below have the clearest history of the questions asked.
· DADI AMA – The first AMA - 18th May 2018
· DADI AMA – Masternodes - June 1st 2018
· DADI AMA - 15th June 2018
· DADI AMA - Mainnet - 29th June 2018
· DADI AMA - DADI Foundation with Jennifer Martin-Nye, CEO - July 6th 2018
· DADI AMA - Tech AMA with DADI VP of tech James Lambie and Principal Engineer for the DADI network Arthur Mingard - July 20th 2018
· DADI AMA - Founding Node and DADI Store - August 10th 2018
· DADI AMA - Founding Node and Onboarding Process - Friday 07th September, 2018
· DADI AMA - September 21, 2018
· DADI AMA - October 6, 2018
· DADI AMA - October 26, 2018

In the Press – Where’s muh marketing?

The DADI marketing team have been hard at work with a large focus on adoption and real world use cases. See here some of the articles where DADI have been mentioned:
· Tech Digest - Six transformative ICO-funded companies which are definitely worth watching
· Global Coin Report - The decentralized architecture for a democratic internet
· Forbes - DADI: Firm Announces Node Giveaway Following Decentralised Internet Launch
· Cointelegraph - Decentralized Cloud Platform Launches Mainnet in Challenge to ‘Big Four’ Market Leaders
· Cloudcomputing - A datacentre with no centre
· Forbes - 5 Start-ups hoping to rebuild the internet
· City AM - London Blockchain startup building a new internet
· CBR Online - Big DADI Launch: This Startup Wants to Democratise the Data Centre
· The Blockchain - Who’s the DADI? UK Blockchain Startup Takes Cloud Services Fight to Amazon and Google
· INC - This Foundation Is Rewriting the Internet
· Computer Weekly - UK tech startup wants businesses to share their surplus compute capacity to run its cloud
· IT Pro Portal - British start-up launches 'new internet'
· Codavel - Can Blockchain CDNs be the next big thing?
· - Sleeping Giant of Crypto
· TheBitcoinest - The DADI Network Goes Mainstream, Rolling Out Node Giveaway
· - This blockchain-based company got $30 million to build a ‘new internet’

I am not part of the DADI team, and this information provided is from my own research. Links to sources have been provided where possible.
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