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NOTE: This post will grow over Time, as with most of my matherial.
Remember: When A=1, B=2, C=3 etc, that "Water" = "Dark Magic" = "The One"
...and also, that "Revelation" = 121 = "Metaphorical" = 121 = "Math-thematic"
North Korea NK 14.11
From the motherjones article:
I sort of figured something like this must be going on:
Time give us details:
“In view of the research finding that the North Korea nuclear test site at Mantapsan has collapsed, it is necessary to continue to monitor any leakage of radioactive materials that may have been caused by the collapse,”
What has collapsed?
but it appears to have been destined to be:
Different sorts of metaphors (for the same thing, I'd argue):
ie. "remote code bug" = 133 = "Good numbers"
Revealing an unpatchable method to unlock every single current X1 chip is not something Team ReSwitched takes lightly, Temkin said
Temkin (ie. The Kin of Time, Templars)
Also: Sacred Cows Kin(e)
Say: "I'm keen" ??
“In view of the research finding that the North Korea nuclear test site at Mantapsan has collapsed, it is necessary to continue to monitor any leakage of radioactive materials that may have been caused by the collapse,”
A large part of North Korea’s underground nuclear test facility is unusable due to the collapse of a cavity inside the mountain after the latest test-detonation occurred
Soon after the sixth and largest blast last September, satellite images suggested that one part of the site, a 7,200 foot granite peak called Mount Mantap had diminished in height
The Tapping of Man...
Consider the terminology: to be tapped (ie. to join the secret society):
"To be tapped" = 104 (ie. 10-4, message received)
"The Hidden Hand" = 247 reverse (ie. ritually reflected and manifested in Time)
What is Fire TV Cube?
The Matrix (111 / 321 ... https://www.reddit.com/GeometersOfHistory/comments/7pwcto/the_they_live_sunglasses/dsmxjw9/)
The Countown of the Matrix
Signs point to the rumored Amazon Fire TV Cube being a real device that may debut soon
  • "The Black Cube" = 93 = "Saturn"
  • "Propaganda" = 93 = "Harvest"
  • "Behold! Time!" = 93 = "Strong"
  • "Bend The Knee" = 93
North Korea's phonebook is considered a secret document.
  • "a secret document" = "the good numbers"
  • "a secret document" = "the government"
  • "a secret document" = "secret society"
Turkish court sentences 15 Cumhuriyet staff on terrorism charges
The re-wiring of the esoteric algorithm:
Elephant-mammoth hybrid, genetically engineered without tusks and hardy enough to survive away from Africa or India,
  • "Elephant-Mammoth Hybrid" = 104 reduced
  • "The Tusk" = 104
"Elephant-Mammoth Hybrid" = 991 jewish (ie. the 166: the secret society, has been turned upside down)
DA FedEx will consider way forward after De Lille MONC
ie. after the Devil Man See (ie the Devil sees Moon Key)
ie. this is a distraction from
  • "A: The Numeric Proof", and from...
  • "B: The Numeric Proof", and from...
  • "C: The Numeric Proof"
    • (note, equivalent to the pyramid-scheme spell augmentations I've been doing with A, AA, and AAA)
... and a linked video, remembering that "Revelation" = 121 = "Metaphorical"
  • "Conspiracy" = 123 = "Reptilians"
  • "Conspiracy" = 123 = "Serpentile"
  • "Conspiracy" = 123 = "Monsters"
  • "Conspiracy" = 123 = "Serpent God"
  • "Abraxas" = 123 reverse
  • "Conspiracy" = 123 = "Real Truth"
  • "Conspiracy" = 123 = "Lying Scum"
"The Proof of Conspiracy" = 247
Drums = Time.
Neo knows statistics: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drum_major_backbend
  • "A drum major backbend" = 156
The 156th prime number is 911
  • "The Conspiracy" = 156
Neo can do what he does because he is illuminated:
  • "The drum major backbend" =188 = "Bavarian Illuminati"
  • "The Enlightened" = 188 bacon
Neo: "No.": http://fromthemachine.org/1.bp.blogspot.com/-L7LrWkjd6KQ/WqyAjz4n_uI/AAAAAAAAkFk/9VOepIB8LhQVUuFjGDlr3_rtRxXSGK1nACEwYBhgL/s1600/26evby.jpg
  • "I know statistics" = 1601 jewish (ie. 1.61 - golden ratio)
  • "Stop Bullets" = 161 = "Green Matrix Code" = 161 = "Undercurrent" (ie. 1.61 - golden ratio)
  • "Statistics" = 139 = "English Alphabet"
  • "Statistics" = 139 = "Spells Speech"
  • "Statistics" = 139 = "Occult Alphabet"
  • "Statistics" = 139 = "Alphabet Gematria"
  • "Statistics" = 139 = "Pyramid Scheme"
"I know statistics" I know how to make things static I know how to stop time
"Symbolic" = 1,618 squares (ie. golden ratio, to 3 decimal places, in a seriously loaded word)
Many tribes of man have a name for their tribe, and this name often (in their own language) means: The True Man, or The Real Man, or The Real People:
"The Real People" = 419 jewish
In mathematics:
Youtube 419 scam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uMGUDOgukQ (not this channel, but Youtube's machinations)
If you've got Time on your hands, read the first comment at the link I posted above, again:
Now there are two studies, both by groups of respected seismologists. One finds that one of the "aftershocks" was in fact the collapse of the cavity created by the explosion. @JNBPage -- again, who wrote the only non-garbage story so far -- quotes the key bit. 3/8
  • "seismologist" = 1,322 trigonal (ie. Military Industrial Complex)
  • "seismologists" = 181 = "fire breathing dragon"
  • "AAA: seismologists" = 1776 trigonal (I've posted about this numbedate a few times very recently)
  • "AAA: seismologists" = 321 bacon
This spelling is an obfuscation, however:
  • "size-mologists" = 188 = "Bavarian Illuminati"
  • "size-mologists" = 188 = "Alphabet Conspiracy"
quotes the key bit
...and 'S' is special:
"aftershock" = 106 = "magic number" = 106 = "the number" = 106 = "prophecy"
See the upside down 419 scam:
A tip: if you see some bolded words in a comment or news article, add the word "bold" to the spell:
the vying kings sail heaving seas...
[email protected] primal expedition
  • "expedition" = 121 = "revelation" (which is pretty interesting in itself: "the great debate" = 121)
  • "bold expedition" = 154 / 73 / 1212 trigonal / 2270 squares (which is even more interesting)
As mentioned above: "Water" = "Dark Magic" = "The One" (ie. 67, which reduced to 13)
  • "Dark Magic" = 189 primes
  • "Words to live by" = 189 = "Enslave humanity"
...but we know the words now: Wafflehouse = Revelation:
Be aware: https://www.reddit.com/GeometersOfHistory/comments/7ljeiy/spellcasting_and_abjuration_a_disclaime
Thinker = TH inker The Inker 33 Inker
"The Black Cube" = 1,247 squares
"TimeCube" = 616 trigonal
A different sort of metaphor:
ie. The Sand Borg Revealed.
"AAA: The Sand Borg Revealed" = ???
"C: The Sand Borg Revealed" = ???
See the Sand Borg Revealed (ie. the sand-witches)
  • "Sand Witch" = 153 bacon
  • "The Village" = 153 bacon
  • "The Illuminati" = 153
ie. The Dei's of Our Lives The Gods of Our Lives
from this link, already listed above:
Jeffrey Lewis thinks this whole thing is overblown:
No, North Korea’s nuclear test mountain did not collapse. (A note in place of the short thread I will write after I drop my children at school.)
— Jeffrey Lewis (@ArmsControlWonk) April 25, 2018
Nickel summary: one cavern collapsed, but there are others.
Nick-El Old Nic The God Satan
one cavern collapsed, but there are others.
You heard the man, fellow Abjurers, go root out the remaining tunnel rats... (warning: they're gross)
You heard the man, fellow Abjurers, go root out the remaining cyphers ... (he is implying more keys remain to be found)
...But that's if you want to believe a member of The School of the Circle:
A comment on the NK test site collapse: https://www.reddit.com/worldnews/comments/8evmqm/north_korea_isnt_closing_its_nuclear_test_site_it/dxytc0v/
If the mountain collapsed nuclear fallout would spread all over the Asian.
Grammatically awkward right? (ie. Orc-ward)
  • "nuclear fallout" = 161 (ie. golden ratio)
"The Asian(s)" does not mean what you think it does...
A comment: https://www.reddit.com/worldnews/comments/8evmqm/north_korea_isnt_closing_its_nuclear_test_site_it/dxykfii/
Two very plausible explanations for their site closure spring to mind, in addition to "it's ruined":
1) They're lying and the site is not closed. Lying and doing the exact opposite of what they promised to do is literally their MO
2) They proved their design works so there's no point wasting more fuel repeating the test
Both of those are equally as likely as that the site has been completely destroyed. And a whole lot more likely than "and all the scientists and production facilities that were right there in the tunnel where the bomb was about to go off were destroyed as well!"
  • "it's ruined" = 119 = "master plan"
Another face of the same story? (Keep in mind the Nigerian Scam stuff listed above: 419 = 911):
The Nigerian baby factory = The Matrix !!!
From the wired article, linked above:
He waited for the questions, and for the next two hours, there were plenty of them. The word risk came up. The most dramatic comment came from computer science professor and cryptographer Eran Tromer. With the flair of Hercule Poirot revealing the murderer, he announced that he’d discovered a weakness. He spun a wild scenario involving a stolen phone, a second hacked phone, and a bank robbery. Ozzie conceded that Tromer found a flaw, but not one that couldn’t be fixed.
At the end of the meeting, Ozzie felt he’d gotten some good feedback. He might not have changed anyone’s position, but he also knew that unlocking minds can be harder than unlocking an encrypted iPhone...
...Still, he’d taken another baby step in what is now a two-years-and-counting quest.
ie. Santa is always watching...
/GeometersOfHistory/wiki/ (index)
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My thoughts on COSS

I purchased Coss at the peak. I dont remember what price it was because i was new money and I was on adderal, dope and totally euphoric from gambling on etherdelta. I had about 100k i was putting in bitcoin, but i needed to gamble too. So semi smartly I only threw 5k in the market and soon found myself on ether delta flying high. Semi researching, semi chasing highs so I could sell low and same old shit. I looked at coss pretty closly and I thought yeah it looks ok. Pretty decent ideas, decent graphics and design of their material (means nothing, but something at the same time in this world of crypto's). I like getting shares of traded crypto's. In this world of who ever the fuck knows what ico is going to do something, ill take a small portion of each. I know I would like to have a couple more bitcoin priced coins, ill wait 7 years more.
I bought like $2000 worth of coss at the high. It started to drop and about half way down i bought another 2k worth. It completely dropped out and I said "Fuck it, im out out". Daytrading crypto is kind of bullshit and if I would have just purchased bitcoin I would have been much happier with my first $5000.
I threw the other 95k in bitcoin and feel good about the whole thing, except for fucking coss. I would glance at the price here and there and kind of get mad. It did teach me to never use etherdelta again though. I would glance at the news on reddit and be fairly unimpressed. I know its only 45 days ,but coss price is shit.
After taking a look over your progress, I want to say first, I'm glad your a real place, made up of real people with not an overly complicated idea, compared to some of the coins i purchased that night.
I can tell you guys are working. How hard? im not sure, but i can tell you are moving. Which again is much better than most of my other coins purchased on my frenzy.
So long story short, ha. I dont really give a shit about getting my money back from that night because I will not ever do that again. Gave my trezor to my wife and said I am not to be trusted.
I am not going to sell my just under 10k coss, which I Know doesn't make me a large holder, but Ill ride out the ride with you guys. You do have a really good shot of at least taking a small portion of a very large emerging market, which might mean a decent payout for holders. I have bitcoin for long term investment, if it works out and I would like coss to be my candy jar, accumulating a small portion of large amount of cryptos without trying.
If your fucking off, get your shit together. If your working hard, as the way it looks now, thank you and your doing great. I am going to move 5k to the exchange to buy some shit, but no more trading, just picking up for long term(aka - wife approved weekly trades,ha). I will also pick up another 10k of coss, once its starts to move somewhere besides down. I know this wont light to world on fire, but its a gesture. It should mean something that people from other sides of the world can work together or least invest in something that is helping to change the world. By having more exchanges and making it easier for the general public to get involved, crypto will flourish. It makes sense and I dont see a future without them now.
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